Invasion - Commands

Dec 4, 2016
Invasion - Commands
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    Invasion commands
    • /invasion start [invasion-type (single, world)] Permission: [invasion.start] Use it for start invasion
    • /invasion stop [invasion-id|all] Permission: [invasion.stop] Stop current invasion or invasion by id or all invasions
    • /invasion blockworld <world> Permission: [invasion.blockworld] Lock/Unlock worlds from invasions
    • /invasion reload Permission: [invasion.reload] Reload invasion onfiguration
    • /invasion rewards <add|remove> Permission [invasion.rewards] Add/Remove rewards (It use the item in your had)
    Invasion Arena Commands
    • /invasionarena create <name> Permission: [invasion.create] Create invasion arena
    • /invasionarena setspawn <arena> Permission: [invasion.setspawn] Set player spawn in one invasion arena
    • /invasionarena mobs <arena> <add|remove> Permission: [invasion.mobs] Add new mob spawner in arena or remove the last
    • /invasionarena join <arena> Permission: [invasion.join] Join in arena
    • /invasionarena leave Permission: [invasion.leave] Leave from arena
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