Jul 30, 2019
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    Welcome to ItemJoin's Wiki!
    Here you will find full documentation on ItemJoin

    • Introduction
      • Getting Started - General tips for how to use ItemJoin, this includes questions users ask the most.
      • Commands and Permissions - The list of commands and permissions that exist within ItemJoin, including detailed explanations of what they are used for.

    • Video Help
      • If you need some help and are too lazy to read like I am or you are unable find what is wrong with your ItemJoin setup, refer to these great lists of videos!

    • Configs
      • Configurations - More in-depth explanations on how to configure each YAML file.
      • API / Hooks - How to take advantage of hooking into other plugins and what each one can do to make your experience with ItemJoin even better.
    • Info
      • Resolution Center - If you need help, see this list of common problems users run into while using ItemJoin and see the provided resolutions.
      • Recent Changes - If you want to know what's happening next or are interested in new changes with ItemJoin.
      • DevLog - If you want to know what's happening in the most recent snapshots that have been released and what's to come for this next official update with ItemJoin.
      • Dye Color Types - List of dye colors you can use.
      • Sound Effect Types - List of effects you can use.
      • Potion Effect Types - List of effects you can use.
      • Enchant Types - List of enchants you can use.
      • Material Types - List of material id's you can use.
      • Pattern Types - List of patterns used for custom banners.
      • FireworkEffect Types - List of shapes that custom fireworks explode into.
      • Legacy Java Docs - Here you can find certain dye colors, sounds, potions, etc.. that are specific to your version of Minecraft. Useful when spigot changes their existing java docs to show only the latest released version of Minecraft.
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