Mar 2, 2019
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    Native Minecraft Version(s):[​IMG]1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
    Donations: [​IMG]
    This plugin will allow the user to modify an existing items properties, as well as fetch a new version of the modified item. If you wish to have a feature implemented please request a feature on Github and if you want to say thanks the best way is to support us by donating.



    You can use this plugin with PlaceholderAPI to allow the in-game modifications of your specified item to implement your specified placeholders.

    ItemTags is unique because it is currently the only plugin that has the functionality of Itemzier plugins while allowing the modifications of item properties. It is similar to some of the very few item modification plugins out there but it has its own special place. Most of the problems with these plugins are that it is hard for people to keep it up to date because of the limitations of specific Minecraft versions. I have designed multiple reflections to resolve this problem so one single instance of ItemTags will function across any of the specified Minecraft versions.

    • Supports Minecraft v1.7 - v1.13.
    • Modify an items name.
    • Modify an items lore.
    • Modify the title of a book item.
    • Modify the author of a book item.
    • Modify an item to grant custom potion effects.
    • Transform existing player heads.
    • Modify the properties of an item.
    • Allow the items name to be displayed as a hologram.
    • Supports PlaceholderAPI, see the valid placeholders.

    You can either use /ItemTags or /IT to execute a command.
    Insert CMDS

    Please note; permissions are case sensitive!
    Insert CMDS

    If you want more detailed, better-explained commands and permissions click here.​


    No tutorials yet, Feel free to submit one!


    Does ItemTags have its own Custom API?
    • Yes, ItemTags does in-fact allow other plugins to hook into it if needed. All API options are located under me.RockinChaos.itemtags.api.ItemTagsAPI.
    • You can see all available methods here; Available Methods.
    • If you wish to see a method added feel free to submit a request on GitHub!

    Does ItemTags support placeholders?
    • Yes, ItemTags has few placeholders by default but you can hook ItemTags with PlaceholderAPI for ultimate placeholders! Just set PlaceholderAPI to true in the config.yml

    Does ItemTags have any dependencies?
    • ItemTags has ZERO required dependencies but there are some optional ones that can make your experience much better!
    • You can learn more about these API / Hooks by clicking the link here;
      • PlaceholderAPI - You can use all of these placeholders on any part of ItemTags! Whether its name, lore, skull-owner, book-lore, authors, etc! All parts of ItemTags are hooked into PlaceholderAPI.

    More Information on ItemJoin can be found here;

    Please Pm me with feature requests! I will always look them over and get back to you.
    Crossed Out requests means that they have been completed.
    • No planned features yet, please request some.



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    Leaving a review?
    Please do not post issues or bugs in the review! Please report a bug first and wait for the developer's response!
    If you have any issues, the reviews are not the place to report them! Try opening a bug report.
    If you want a feature that ItemJoin is missing, try requesting a feature!​
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