KingdomsGG - Tutorial

Jun 18, 2019
KingdomsGG - Tutorial
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    Welcome to the KingdomsGG tutorial. Here, you will lean the basics of how to make a KingdomsGG server and install Plugins.

    Chapter 1: Logging into an account.

    First, head over to and click "Login to dashboard" on the top right. It will ask you for your username, make sure to enter it correctly (case-sensitive). Now, go to and type "/login <CODE>", <CODE> being the code it gave you on the website.

    Go to and click "Log in with discord", and you should see your dashboard.

    Chapter 2: Making your server.

    Once you have logged in, you will need to make your server. On the dashboard, click "Create a server" and enter a sever name.

    Chapter 3: Activating your server.

    Everytime you want to join your server, you will need to activate it (if it's offline). To do this, go to the Dashboard and click "Activate your Server". You should now see your server Dashboard.

    Chapter 4: Installing plugins.

    To install plugins, click "Plugins" in the tabs on the left of your main dashboard. All plugins are free. To install a plugin, click on the plugin you want, then click "Install".

    Chapter 5: Reloading your server.

    After you install a plugin, you will need to reload your server. Due to safety, /reload and /rl has been disabled. So you have to stop your server by doing "/stop" ingame and then clicking "Start" on the Home tab in your server control panel.

    If you have any problems or a query, Direct Message me on Thank You.
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