KitPvP - Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 6, 2019
KitPvP - Frequently Asked Questions
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    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for KitPvP.

    Can I run KitPvP on Bukkit instead of Spigot?
    Unfortunately, KitPvP was designed and compiled to run using Spigot. Certain functionalities of KitPvP are used with Spigot's unique API. Bukkit has a different set of APIs and Libraries and the functionality is not the same. Therefore, it would not be possible to deliver a similar experience.

    Why doesn't KitPvP support 1.7 or below too?
    1.7 and below is extremely outdated, and no one, in my opinion, should run such an unsupported version. This can lead to many issues, and could cause delays in releasing updates due to extra testing and extra code needed to be implemented in order for those older versions to be supported as well.

    Why are some of the features not working when enabled in the config?
    This is likely due to the fact that you gave a player, or players, OP. When you give players OP, it gives them all permissions. So, this would include bypass permissions for breaking blocks, placing blocks, dropping items, etc. If you would like to prevent this, either remove them from OP, or negate the permission in your permissions file.

    Should I leave a 1-star review because one feature isn't working for me?
    No. This is one of my worst pet peeves. Not only should you refrain from doing this on my plugins, but also on the plugins of other fellow developers. It is much easier for the both of us for you to send me a message, rather than trying to get my attention by leaving a bad review.

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