KitPvP - Issue Self Checker

Sep 6, 2017
KitPvP - Issue Self Checker
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    Encountered an issue with KitPvP? Before contacting me or leaving a message on the Discussion page, be sure to look over this and go through all steps before doing so. This could save both you and me a lot of time.

    Don't forget to set the KitPvP spawn.

    This is probably the most frequently mentioned error. Many users come to me asking why nothing is working or functioning correctly. This is most likely due to you not setting the spawn. To do so, go to your preferred world or server to use KitPvP on, and use the command /kp setspawn. Additionally, if your spawn is high up, I also recommend enabling PreventFallDamage in the config, to prevent users from taking fall damage.

    Make sure you're running the latest version of KitPvP.

    For the most part, updates have crucial bug fixes, so before coming to me for help, make sure you're running the latest version. Installing the latest version could save both you and me the hassle of trying to figure out what's wrong.

    Remember, KitPvP has many permissions.

    I've had numerous people come to me saying that some part of the plugin isn't working. Remember, KitPvP has permissions, and without them, normal players will not have any capabilities within my plugin. A list of all the permissions can be found on the Overview.

    Check all your other plugins to make sure there are no conflicting plugins.

    A way to check if there is a conflicting plugin is by removing all plugins except KitPvP. After restarting your server with only KitPvP installed, if your problem is fixed, then there is a conflicting plugin.

    If your problem persists, try removing or renaming your KitPvP directory.

    Surprisingly, this sometimes can be the issue. If all other methods above proved unsuccessful, then try removing or renaming your KitPvP folder and restarting. Some files could have invalid information causing the plugin to malfunction.
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