Known Caveats

Jul 16, 2015
Known Caveats
  • BattleClans - Known Caveats

    This 'Wiki Page' will serve to provide an up to date list of Known Caveats for BattleClans.

    BattleClans v1.7.3 -> BattleClans v1.7.5 (Patched in v1.7.6)
    • Caveat: MySQL bug caused by SQLite syntax being copied into a section of MySQL code. This will throw an error on installation and, Using SQLite is the only workaround.
    • Caveat: See name name change bug below. Apparently the bug wasn't completely solved. But is now resolved.
    BattleClans -> BattleClans v1.6.9 (Patched in v1.7)
    • Caveat: Clan Leaders who have changed their names through Mojang, Will not be recognized. Issuing the '/bc leave' command will successfully execute and, The player can create a new clan. Alternatively, Server Administrators can edit the Clans table within the BattleClans database and, Edit the 'Leader' name to the players new name.
    • Caveat: MySQL error when creating database tables during setup. Problem was caused by using SQLite syntax to define the default values of specific columns in the database.

    Bugs in releases prior to BattleClans v1.7 will not be included in this documentation. For those, You will have to iterate through the update log.
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