Jul 22, 2019
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    "Be better, be faster, be 'the best'"
    Modular placeholder-based leader tracking


    Leaders is a modular high score/statistic plugin with the core being the main synchronization from MVdWPlaceholderAPI and PlaceholderAPI. You can create your own statistics by using any of the available placeholders added to either placeholder API plugin.

    Not everyone has the same use cases for a high score plugin like this. That is why you can choose what modules you install. We have modules for Citizens, Sign display, Holograms ... and more. This modularity prevents the plugin from getting too bloated in the future when more and more ways of displaying statistics are being added. It also prevents the whole plugin from breaking when newer versions of Minecraft release as you can temporarily remove modules that are broken.

    We understand that servers want plugins to be as light as possible. Statistic plugins that have to calculate high scores can be very demanding as they have to make multiple database calls and use the API's of other plugins to do so. You can tweak the settings of the synchronization to select the amount of concurrent sync-workers, when to sync and how long to wait between synchronizations.

    Technical about(top)

    Leaders is a placeholder tracking plugin that tracks snapshots of the configured placeholders. These placeholders are fetched using a configured amount of threads. Our own placeholder API has been testing the thread safety of placeholders since 2015 to assure that this will not cause issues. Apart from some minor plugins such as physical currency plugins (Gringotts) all placeholders are thread safe.

    The database created by 'Leaders' will update every synchronization IF the data changed. The top players can be cached to prevent animation plugins such as FeatherBoard from frequency making database calls. We use the computing power of the database and the stored dates to get the top statistics.


    Required plugins: (Plugins that are required to run)
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI 3.0.1 or higher: This plugin is not the same as PlaceholderAPI. It is an API that allows the caching of placeholders (important for performance) and also provides additional internal information that allows the Leaders plugin to identify the content of those placeholders (without having to convert it from a string/text ...)

    Optional plugins: (You do not HAVE to install these)
    PlaceholderAPI: You can use this plugin for two reasons. 1) You can use the placeholders inside this plugin using {placeholderapi_xxxxx} to create more statistics. 2) LeadersPlugin will offer placeholders of statistics so you can use them in other plugins

    FeatherBoard: Optimized for FeatherBoard. The wiki offers several examples on how to show statistics or high scores. The 'Scoreboard' module available in the LeadersPlugin also works alongside FeatherBoard.

    • Signs: This module allows you to show scoreboard statistics on signs.
    • Scoreboard: This module provides a simple non-animated scoreboard.
    • Your-Idea-Here: Do you want another way to show the statistics? Write it down in the discussions! We will take each idea seriously and explore its feasibility.

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