LevelingItem WIKI

Dec 30, 2017
LevelingItem WIKI
  • Welcome to the levelingitem wiki.

    You will find guides to almost everything here, just a quick note. This wiki is currently a work in progress.

    Getting Started with LevelingItem:
    Getting started with LevelingItem couldn't be easier, all you need to do is purchase the plugin and drop it into your servers /plugin folder, then simply load/restart the server. Then you're set to go.

    If you want to go more into the advanced range, you can configure the plugin to your liking with the various configuration files offered. There is a guide on these at the Configuration Section.

    Configuration LevelingItem can be a little tedious to new users. This is created to assist those with editing configuration files of LevelingItem. So let's start off with the main configuration file that is the levels.yml

    The levels.yml file contains all the leveling items, such as the pickaxe, axe, and shovel. I will divide it into section for easier reading.

    So the first section you will come up on is the exp for levels, this section is really easy configured

    This is an example of the configuration section:
    Code (Text):
    exp for levels:
        1: 50
        2: 100
        3: 200
        4: 300
        5: 500
        6: 650
        7: 800
        8: 1150
        9: 1350
        10: 1500
        1: 200
        2: 400
        3: 600
        4: 850
        5: 1111
        6: 1350
        7: 1666
        8: 2222
        9: 2500
        10: 2750
        1: 200
        2: 400
        3: 600
        4: 850
        5: 1111
        6: 1350
        7: 1666
        8: 2222
        9: 2500
        10: 2750
    What this does is it tells the plugin that to get to the next level they need to have X XP on their tool.
    If they are Level 10, what in this case is the max level they can reach, they will keep earning EXP, though, it will essentially be unmetered, though you can easily add levels to the plugin, by going into the levels.yml and adding another level, in our case we would be adding this variable: 11: 3500 then proceed restarting the plugin/server to have it apply, players who exceed the required XP, will be upgraded automagically.

    The next section you will come across is the rewards section, this is a tedious section, this is where you tell the plugin what tool and enchants you want the player to have when they reach a certain level on a tool.

    A quick example of the section:
    Code (Text):
          item: 'wood_pickaxe/efficiency*1'
          item: 'stone_pickaxe/efficiency*1'
          item: 'stone_pickaxe/efficiency*2'
          item: iron_pickaxe/efficiency*3
          item: iron_pickaxe/efficiency*4
          item: iron_pickaxe/efficiency*5
          item: diamond_pickaxe/efficiency*6
          item: diamond_pickaxe/efficiency*7!fortune*1
          item: diamond_pickaxe/efficiency*8!fortune*3
          item: diamond_pickaxe/efficiency*9!fortune*5
          item: diamond_pickaxe/efficiency*10!fortune*7
          item: 'wood_axe/efficiency*1'
          item: 'stone_axe/efficiency*1'
          item: 'stone_axe/efficiency*2'
          item: iron_axe/efficiency*3
          item: iron_axe/efficiency*4
          item: iron_axe/efficiency*5
          item: diamond_axe/efficiency*6
          item: diamond_axe/efficiency*7!fortune*1
          item: diamond_axe/efficiency*8!fortune*3
          item: diamond_axe/efficiency*9!fortune*5
          item: diamond_axe/efficiency*10!fortune*7
          item: 'wood_spade/efficiency*1'
          item: 'stone_spade/efficiency*1'
          item: 'stone_spade/efficiency*2'
          item: iron_spade/efficiency*3
          item: iron_spade/efficiency*4
          item: iron_spade/efficiency*5
          item: diamond_spade/efficiency*6
          item: diamond_spade/efficiency*7!fortune*1
          item: diamond_spade/efficiency*8!fortune*3
          item: diamond_spade/efficiency*9!fortune*5
          item: diamond_spade/efficiency*10!fortune*7
    So let's get the first principle out of the way that may look confusing to you people, that is this: diamond_spade/efficiency*10!fortune*7


    MATERIAL - Material of the item, such as diamond_spade. It will give the player a diamond shovel
    ENCHANT - Enchantment that the item should have eg, efficiency. will allow players to mine blocks faster
    LEVEL - Level of the enchant.
    ! - This is the separator for the enchantments.

    So now it should be more understandable for you. So you should be able to understand what's going on clearer. In case you don't understand, here's a simple explanation.

    Let's say, your tool reaches level 6, your leveling tool will be replaced with a diamond tool, with the enchants efficiency 6. Simple!

    So that's really simple, and that's that section done and dusted.

    The next section is exp for this section is where we tell the plugin the amount of EXP to give to a tool when a certain block has been broken by the tool, this is straight forwards and is really easy to do!

    Code (Text):
    exp for:
        stone: 0.4
        coal_ore: 0.9
        iron_ore: 1.2
        gold_ore: 2
        lapis_ore: 3
        diamond_ore: 5
        emerald_ore: 7.5
        mossy_cobblestone: 2
        ender_stone: 5
        iron_block: 9
        gold_block: 15
        redstone_block: 15
        diamond_block: 25
        emerald_block: 50
        obsidian: 10
        coal_block: 12
        dirt: 1.5
        grass: 1.5
        wood: 1.5
        log: 1.5
        soul_sand: 2
        sand: 1
    so, if a player mines some stone with their pickaxe, 0.4 EXP will be applied to their tool.

    to add more items to this, just make a new item below, we want to add glass and make it give 5EXP to the player, to do that, just put
    glass: 5

    at the bottom of the configuration and then of course restart and it will be applied successfully! All items that are not listed in this, will have a default value of 0.

    And that's it! Levels.yml configuration file is finished!
    On to the next config ;)

    So the next configuration is well, the default config.yml! this one is really simple, it has a disabled-worlds in it, basically, worlds that you don't want it to work in you list them there, simple as that :)

    The next config is the messages.yml

    This one is of course, simple to explain. Though Just a note, there are some features that have not been implemented yet but are there for the next update once everything is in place! those are in the wait: area :p

    Code (Text):
    prefix: '&eLevelingItems &f&l> &r'
    no permission: '&cYou are not a high enough rank to do this.'

      highest level: 'You have reached the current level cap. &c&lCongratulations!'
      player not found: '&cThat player could not be found.'
      inventory full: '&c&lYour inventory is full!'

      booster given: '&a&lAn exp booster of x<multiplier> that lasts <time> minutes was given to <player>.'
      booster received: '&a&lYou have received an exp booster of x<multiplier> that lasts <time> minutes.'
      broadcast: '&a&l<player> purchased a <type> x<multiplier> exp booster that lasts for <time> minutes!'
      no boosters: '&cYou do not have any exp boosters active.'

      join: '&fPlease wait &4&l<time> &fsecond(s) before joining.'
      chat: '&fPlease wait &4&l<time> &fsecond(s) before chatting.'
      farming: '&fYou will not earn levels from this player for another &4&l<time> &fsecond(s).'
    Simple to edit messages, edit, save, restart the server and they will be applied automatically!

    There are a a few files that shouldnt be touched, or at least, they dont need to be. That is the user data files located in /items, and boosters.yml these list the active boosters, while the items save the current level, enchants and tools the user has.


    Every plugin has to have commands, it gives the functionality of course, here we will go over the commands that we use to allow you to change levels, reset data and more!

    We currentl'y have four commands in our plugin, those are:

    • /addexpbooster
    • /expbooster
    • /levelingitem
    • /toggle
    Of course as we progress this list will grow!, though for now it is what it is. We will go over the commands one by one and explain the core functions of the command its self. Lets start!


    Usage: /addexpbooster [player] <length in minutes> <multiplier>
    Permission: levelingitem.admin.addexpbooster
    Aliases: addexpbooster, addxpbooster

    AddExpBooster is what it says running this command will add a tool exp booster either for everyone (global) or for the player specified.


    Usage: /expbooster
    Permission: levelingitem.player.expbooster
    Aliases: xpbooster, expboosters, xpboosters

    ExpBooster allows you to see what boosters are currently active. This shows the global and your owned boosters.


    Usage: /levelingitem <addexp|addlevel|reset>
    Permission: levelingitem.admin.levelingitem
    Aliases: lvlingitem, levelingitems, lvlingitems

    This command allows you to edit the players leveling tools.

    /levelingitem addexp:
    usage: /levelingitem addexp <player> <exp to add> <pick|axe|shovel|all>
    This will add a set amount of EXP to a users tool.

    /levelingitem addlevel:
    usage: /levelingitem addlevel <player> <levels to add> <pick|axe|shovel|all>
    This will add a set amount of levels to a users tool.

    /levelingitem reset:
    usage: /levelingitem reset <player> <pick|axe|shovel|all>
    This will reset a users leveling tool.


    Usage: /toggle <pick|axe|shovel|all>
    Permission: levelingitem.player.toggle
    Aliases: itemtoggle

    This command allows you to toggle your tools so they are not displayed in your inventory.
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