Lib's Disguises FAQ

Mar 22, 2022
Lib's Disguises FAQ

  • I'm seeing 'Colorize' names or disguises are acting really weird!(top)

    Lets make this brief. You're not using Geyser or a bedrock supporting plugin are you? Because LD wasn't created to be used for bedrock. If you have issues on bedrock, please report it to the author of the plugin that let you connect with Bedrock. To be clear, that wasn't Lib's Disguises.

    But you can fix the 'Colorize' names to some extent by going here

    Tall Disguises, Self Disguises(top)

    Self disguises is when you can actually see yourself disguised, however there are two issues with them.

    The first is that they will "lag behind", which is normal. This is not a client mod, and the server isn't performing quantum tunneling. So the lag behind aspect is always going to happen, and is also dependent on your ping to the server.

    The second issue is when they interfere with your vision, making it impossible to see. Third person view can counter that, but some of the disguises are still impossible to see.

    There are several solutions you can do. The config locations are all in players.yml

    The first is to turn off tall self disguises (Default as of 10.0.28). "TallSelfDisguises"
    This means most disguises that interfere with your view should now be hidden. Small disguises such as baby zombies, are shown still.

    The second is to turn off self disguises "ViewSelfDisguises" or the "ViewSelfDisguisesDefault"

    The third is to use a command which lets you toggle it per player, "/viewselfdisguise"

    The last is to set it as a disguise setting on the disguise itself. Try /dhelp to see these settings. This means you can control it per disguise.

    ArmorStands Custom Names, or Multi Line Custom Names(top)

    In your
    Code (Text):
    , line 31 as of writing this. You will see a config option
    Code (Text):
    PlayerNames: TEAMS
    This has several options, however the one I'm making note of is called
    Code (Text):
    This config option is special because it means you can have super long names, multi-line names and it's completely separate from the normal custom name display of entities! Which means you can use it on disguises that can't display custom names like falling block.

    However the downside of this option is that certain disguise types like Player, when sneaking the name will be noticeable as a non-real name for half a second as it doesn't instantly move as a player name would.

    This is a non-issue for 99% of servers.

    However, to use multi line functionality you will need to have the premium version of this plugin.

    Then, to introduce a new line just use \n. But there it gets tricky. Sometimes it won't work properly depending on if you are using double or single quotes. ' and ". And sometimes you need to escape that. So its \\n

    To elaborate. If it doesn't work, try replacing " with ' and vice versa. And \\n instead of \n

    If a split line would be blank, then it just isn't shown. You can use this to show text hovering far above the head than normal.

    Custom Models or Skins on your mobs(top)

    This isn't something Lib's Disguises handles.

    Player Disguises allows custom skins because the players are designed by Minecraft to have changeable skins.

    Zombies were not.

    Although it does allow custom model ids on the items, those items are not special to Lib's Disguises and would work without it.

    Check out Model Engine which I believe is designed to handle that.

    Creating Skins(top)

    If you're interested in player disguises skins, there's several options.

    * /grabskin - You can use this to grab a skin and save it to the internal skins folder, then use /disguise player Human setskin <GrabbedSkinName>

    * /savedisguise - Please for the love of god, use this instead of modifying disguises.yml directly! This will fix 90% of errors you will normally make.

    * /savedisguise MyDisguiseName player Superman setskin

    If the skin you grabbed is not what you expect, please verify you are using a paid version of Minecraft (Not free or pirated).

    If you don't own Minecraft, this is not fixable.

    Another option you can consider is to change to 3. However, that applies to the Chinese version of Minecraft. If you are not using the Chinese version, then it's unlikely it will fix it for you.


    In MythicMobs you can disguise mobs as stuff, there's a commonly known way with

    Code (Text):
     Type: Sheep
    but the less commonly known is that you can use disguises, as if you were using them in the command line for Libs Disguises.

    To do this, it's as simple as either registering a custom disguise and referencing that.

    Or. You can simply remove all the stuff from the disguise: so on, and instead, in a single line, use

    Code (Text):
    Disguise: sheep
    That's it. You could do

    Code (Text):
    Disguise: sheep setburning setsprinting
    and so on! This is the same kind of thing you can use with a simple /disguise command!

    Command Usage(top)

    Please check the command portion of this wiki

    Skins not working(top)

    So you have issues where your player disguises are appearing as steves? Their skin sometimes doesn't load properly and you just don't know why?
    Congrats! You've discovered an issue we can't really resolve.

    This is because skins are loaded when the player first sees another player, but it doesn't tell the server when its seen another player. The skins are loaded from tab list, which means if your name isn't in tab, the skin can't load when another player sees you.

    So we're basically guessing if your skin has loaded or not, and we don't always get it right.

    You can change your config to improve this however.
    The first is to make it so skins are always loaded, which means your tablist is always full of disguised players.

    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
    to true.

    You might think this is overkill however, and you can pick an option that will make things less likely to appear as Steve but won't totally fix your problem.

    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
    You want to change
    Code (Text):
    to say, 20 (Which means a second) and can increase it further as desired.

    As for
    Code (Text):
    this doesn't need to be touched so much, but you could vastly increase it and names will stay in tab until the player moves (proving they're not dead). So you could stick in a huge number! Like 999999 ticks!

    Plugin is disabled(top)

    You are likely using either an outdated and no longer supported version of Minecraft or Lib's Disguises, using a weird version of spigot such as one that claims to support both Forge and Spigot.

    It can also be a case of plugin conflicts, try removing every plugin but Lib's Disguises and ProtocolLib and see if Lib's Disguises can load now.

    Disguise as a head(top)

    This can be accomplished easily enough, you're going to disguise as an armorstand or a zombie or your choice. And you're going to make it invisible.

    The helmet, if you're using an item such as a skull. You'd probably want to do something like "setHelmet %held-item%"

    You should now look like a head floating around at the normal height. So we'd want to lower the head, so try "setYModifier -1.6" which tells the disguise to lower the height of the disguise to 1.6 blocks in the ground.

    You may want to experiment with that to get it perfect!

    Support & Discord(top)

    Discord Grab a role in #role-assign and visit #libs-support
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