Lib's Disguises - Placeholders

Jul 5, 2020
Lib's Disguises - Placeholders
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    Sometimes you want to set up a disguise easily and there's some complicated parameters you need to feed in.
    Or sometimes you just want a little more dynamically.


    Replaces %user-name% with the command user's name.


    Replaces %user-skin% with the command user's skin, this is clearly best used with "setSkin"


    Finds first viable name from: Player name, entity custom nametag, then entity type (Pig, Horse, Cow)


    If target is a player, will attempt to use their skin. Ignores if they are wearing a player disguise.


    The currently held item in the main item slot


    The offhand item


    The armor in <Item>,<Item>,<Item>,<Item> string format

    You can also get this with /libsdisguises json

    %helmet% %chestplate% %leggings% %boots%(top)

    This is fairly obvious, gets the item in string format from the command user's slot.


    Use one of the above placeholders, with target- in the first part to target the disguised entity instead of the command user.

    So %target-armor% or %target-held-item%
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