Lib's Disguises - Setting up permissions

Jan 25, 2021
Lib's Disguises - Setting up permissions
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    A cheat sheet which may be a little vague and outdated

    This here is a list of all permissions that the plugin uses.
    And how to set them up.

    If you have problems, such as unexpected \ Feel free to ask questions here.

    Permissions Ordering and Negation(top)

    libsdisguises.disguise.pig = All options
    libsdisguises.disguise.pig.* = All options
    libsdisguises.disguise.pig.setinvisible = Can only access set invisible
    libsdisguises.disguise.pig.-setinvisible = Can access all options but setinvisible
    libsdisguises.disguise.pig.-setinvisible.-setbaby = Can access all options but setinvisible and setbaby

    Hiding Commands From Groups(top)


    This will stop the group from using the LibsDisguises command at all.


    All of the commands have permissions, but this lets you do specific permissions.

    Code (Text):
    This lets you use all the disguises.

    Code (Text):
    This lets you use all the disguises and options.

    Code (Text):
    This will grant them the permission to use the disguise creeper.

    Code (Text):
    This will grant them the permission to use the disguise creeper and all options.

    Code (Text):
    This grants them the permission to use the disguise creeper.
    And to set the option setfused only.

    Code (Text):
    This allows them to also use the option setinvisible.

    You can apply as many options as you like to the permission node.

    You can give them groups of disguises where they can only use certain options for each disguise permission.

    Such as either being able to set

    Code (Text):

    Code (Text):
    as even through they have both permissions. Its not in the same group so they cannot use both options on either disguise.

    This also works for the * permission.

    Additionally, there are also groups of disguises you can also manage.

    Ageable, monster, animal, mob, misc.

    Ageable affects mobs with 'setAge', mob affects living creatures (not players) as well as armorstands, while misc affects non-living creatures.

    Monster affects the hostile mobs, animal affects the non-hostile.

    Negating disguise option values(top)

    Sometimes you want to negate certain options for a disguise, like preventing them from using the player Notch as a disguise.

    The permission for this is


    So for /disguise and we want to allow only "diamond block" on the falling block disguise.


    If we want to prevent using diamond block and allow everything else, then we negate the permission!

    You can also do 'valid' which means it'll only apply to valid disguises, which means you can give options for disguises, but not the disguises.

    Disguise Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.disguise.[Disguise Name]

    Disguise Entity Command(top)

    The permission is libdisguises.disguiseentity.[Disguise Name]

    Disguise Help Command(top)

    They need permission to use a disguise to pull up information.

    Disguise Player Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.disguiseplayer.[Disguise Name]

    Disguise Radius Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.disguiseradius.[Disguise Name]

    Undisguise Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.undisguise

    Undisguise Entity Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.disguiseentity

    Undisguise Player Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.undisguiseplayer

    Undisguise Radius Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.undisguiseradius

    LibsDisguises Command(top)

    For /libsdisguises reload,


    and for /libsdisguises permtest


    and for /libsdisguises.metainfo


    and for /libsdisguises config


    and for /libsdisguises mods


    and for /libsdisguises.json


    and for /libsdisguises count


    and for /libsdisguises.update


    Disguise ViewSelf Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.seecmd.viewself

    Copy Disguise Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.seecmd.copydisguise

    Grab Skin Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.seecmd.grabskin

    Save Disguise Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.seecmd.savedisguise
    and libsdisguises.savedisguise

    Grab Head Command(top)

    The permission is libsdisguises.seecmd.grabhead
    and libsdisguises.grabhead

    PvE and PvP(top)

    You can disable pvp and pve in the config, if either attacker or attacked has these permissions then pvp/pve will not be disabled.


    Name above head(top)

    If enabled in the config, disguised players will have a name set above their head identifying who they are if possible.
    If they own this permission however, they bypass this restriction.


    Action Bar(top)

    If enabled in the config, all disguised players will have the action bar inform them if they are disguised or not. If given this permission, they will not see the actionbar!


    Multiple Names on a Player Disguise(top)

    As of 10.0.9 you can make names that appear on separate lines.
    You require a permission to do this.


    Disguise Permission Groups(top)

    By groups, I mean groups of disguise types.
    They have an inheritance level, so giving someone a permission in an earlier group will override permissions in an later group.

    ageable - Entities that can age, not sure if it includes non-animals
    monster/s - Should be obvious
    animal - Also obvious
    mob - If it's a living disguise, excludes player
    misc - If its a non-living disguise
    custom - If its a custom disguise
    vanilla - If its a non-custom disguise
    * - If its a disguise, aka everything.

    So giving someone
    libsdisguises.disguise.vanilla - Will now give them all the natural mobs
    But I don't want them to disguise as monsters
    So I negate this permission
    Ok cool. But I don't want them to disguise as armorstand either!
    So I also negate

    See through disguises(top)

    This permission lets you see through disguises.
    It doesn't apply on permission application, but instead on player join and disguise start.
    So you'll need to relog for the permission to take effect. By default, this permission is false.


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