License of AlonsoAliaga's resources

Oct 2, 2018
License of AlonsoAliaga's resources
  • License of AlonsoAliaga's resources
    1) Downloading
    By purchasing a resource you will have unlimited access to download the plugin, it includes all updates unless i decided to remove a version from the list or if your account has been banned for leaking premium resources.

    2) No refunds
    All purchases are final. You agree to terms and conditions when purchasing a plugin. No refund will be made since you received the virtual resource. Also you agree to be 18 year old or older.

    3) Support
    For your purchase, you will receive support for the specific plugin(s) you bought. It doesn't include support for dependences or third plugins since i do not own them. In order to receive support for any of my plugins you have to contact me, there are some ways to contact me:
    - Message me on
    - Join my Discord server.
    - Leave a message in discussion tab.
    *Use to send the errors.

    4) Errors and Bugs
    Plugin is made to be bug free and to not cause errors when using. In the case you have any error or find a bug, you are required to report it so it can be fixed. Reports in reviews will be ignored.

    5) Chargebacks
    Any chargeback will lead to a ban for your account from the resource and discord server. It means that you will not be able to download the resource, receive updates or support anymore.

    6) Manipulation
    You are not allowed to modify, copy or decompile the plugin in any form. You are allowed to use this plugin for your network, if plugin is leaked your user will be banned from the resource. Is your responsability to keep the plugin in a safe place.

    7) Updates
    By purchasing the resource you agree that I do not have the obligation to update the resource since it works as intended at the moment you bought it. It doesn't mean i will not update the plugin with more features.

    8) Suggestions
    You can always suggest new features, it does not mean that it will be added. I will assess all suggestions and decide if i add them or not.
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