Managing color tags in-game

Jul 6, 2021
Managing color tags in-game
  • Managing color tags in-game
    There is two ways which you can manage color tags with Iridescent: using commands, or directly in the colors.yml file. For beginners I suggest to manage them using commands, as the risk of crashing the plugin is minimal. Managing the color tags in the colors.yml file can be faster, however a typo anywhere can lead to many complications.

    Creating tags with commands

    Creating tags with the /iridescent create command is easy after doing it a couple of times. The command requires two parameters: the hex color code, and the tag name. Below is an example of the command's syntax:

    It is important to note that when creating color tags, the hex value and the name of the color should be written like shown above.

    There is however some limitations which apply to the tag name. These are as follow:
    - The tag name must be alphanumerical (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)
    - The tag name can contain underscores
    - The tag name must be between 1 and 16 characters long
    - The tag name must not have a duplicate

    Deleting tags with commands

    Deleting tags is even simpler than creating them, with the command /iridescent delete. It only requires one parameter, it being the name of the tag that should be deleted. Below is an example of the command's syntax

    Pretty straight forward.

    Listing the available tags

    In case you want to see what color tags are available for use, you can use the /iridescent list command. Similarly to the delete command, it takes one parameter which dictates what color page will be displayed. There is 10 colors per page, so if you got 25 color tags the parameter will accept any page number between 1 and 3. Below is an example of the command's syntax

    If you input a value above the last page's number, the command will display the last color page.
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