Manipulating the Player

Feb 7, 2015
Manipulating the Player
  • As you know, you can manipulate a player with Bukkit/Spigot.
    Like sending them fake sign/block packets, and all of that troll-type stuff :)
    However Midnight Library can manipulate the player as well.
    Lets start!
    You can get a MidPlayerUtils variable by doing:
    Code (Text):
    MidPlayerUtils can manipulate the player by:
    • Turning them invisible.
    • Turning them invisible to players who dont have a certain permission.
    • Turning them visible again.
    • Changing the air location.
    • Mount them on an entity.
    • More in the future (and planned for v2)
    Lets go over the invisibility features.

    MidPlayerUtils.invisibilize(); will turn the player invisible like VanishNoPacket except that its not VanishNoPacket.

    MidPlayerUtils.invisibilize(Permission/String); will turn the player invisible only to people who do NOT have the permission aPermission. Has support both for permission plugins and normal plugins.

    MidPlayerUtils.deinvisibilize(); can turn the player visible again.

    MidPlayerUtils.mountOn(entity); will force the player to mount on an Entity.

    MidPlayerUtils.setAirLocation(int); will teleport the player to the specified Y coordinate.

    MidPlayerUtils.setAirLocation(int, TeleportCause); is the above one but with a teleport cause.
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