Dec 31, 2021
  • Commands
    • /unbathrhrthn <name, IP or UUID>
    • /ban <name, IP or UUID> <reason>
    • /ipban <name, IP or UUID> <reasonban> <name, IP or UUID> <number> <minutes|hours|days|weeks|etc> <reason>
    • /tempipban <name, IP or UUID> <number> <minutes|hours|days|weeks|etc> <reason>
    • /mute <name or UUID>
    • /tempmute <name or UUID> <number> <minutes|hours|days|weeks|etc>
    • /kick <name, * for everyone or UUID>
    • /checkip <name or UUID>
    • /uuid
    • /togglechat
    • /dupeip <name, IP or UUID>
    • /checkban <name, IP or UUID>
    • /warn <name or UUID> <reason>
    • /clearwarnings <name or UUID> <reason>
    • /unwarn <name or UUID> - Removes a players most recent warning
    • /unmute <name or UUID>
    • /history [name] [number of records] - Displays a history of bans, kicks, mutes & more dealt
    • /mbreload - Reloads the plugin
    • /mbdebug - Outputs debug information for me if you're having issues!
    • /mbwhitelist <name or UUID> - Allows the given user to bypass IP bans (Not regular bans! Eg, use for players with siblings who need to be IP banned)
    • /ipreport - Basically, a mass /dupeip, on everyone who is online
    • /lockdown [reason]
    • /forcespawn - Teleports someone to the spawn (Twice, so /back won't work)
    • /mbreload - Reloads maxbans
    • /mbimport - Imports vanilla minecraft (And others) bans.
    • /mbexport - Export bans to vanilla, MySQL or SQLite databases. (Allows swapping SQLite <-> MySQL), and others ban plugon.
    • /temprangeban <ip1-ip2> <time> <hours/min/sec> [reason] - Temporary variant of above
    • /unrangeban <ip> - Removes any RangeBan which overlaps with the given IP. Eg, if is banned, unbanning will lift the whole ban on
    • maxbans.unban
    • maxbans.ban
    • maxbans.tempban
    • maxbans.ipban
    • maxbans.tempipban
    • maxbans.mute
    • maxbans.tempmute
    • maxbans.kick
    • maxbans.checkip
    • maxbans.uuid
    • maxbans.togglechat
    • maxbans.dupeip
    • maxbans.checkban
    • maxbans.warn
    • maxbans.clearwarnings
    • maxbans.unwarn
    • maxbans.unmute
    • maxbans.history
    • maxbans.reload
    • maxbans.import
    • maxbans.export
    • maxbans.rangeban
    • maxbans.temprangeban
    • maxbans.unrangeban
    Almost any command may have -s added in it to prevent announcing it, for example:

    /tempban NewGuy101 -s 1 hour MaxBans is Awesome!

    - Nobody will see the announcement that NewGuy101 was temp banned, just the fact he "has left the game."

    If you want an in-depth analysis of each command, try here:

    Configuration Guide===

    This is an in-depth guide on how to configure MaxBans :) If I've missed anything, ask in the comments!

    Common Issues===

    This is a list of common issues people have with MaxBans, such as plugin conflicts.

    Features that will never implement===
    • Fines (Use your economy to do this!)
    • Jails
    • Regional bans
    • Ban weightings
    Ban Listing Webpage===
    Check out this guy's work for an amazing webpage setup to view MaxBans while using MySQL. Link: I haven't personally set it up, but the page looks quite sleek and well done!

    Metrics ===
    This plugin uses Hidendra's plugin metrics system ( which tracks server information including:
    • A unique ID
    • Java version
    • Online/Offline mode
    • Plugin & Server version
    • OS name, version, architecture
    • Number of CPU cores
    • Players online
    • Metrics versionn
    These stats can be disabled using the PluginMetrics config file (BukkitServer/plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml).
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