McBuddyFinder Documentation

Jul 8, 2015
McBuddyFinder Documentation
  • Welcome In this Quick Guide you will learn all the basics of the Program.​

    1. What is McBuddyFinder?
    2. Installing MC Buddy Finder
    3. Basic Usage
    4. Setup with external webserver
    5. Extra's
    6. Updating McBuddyFinder

    1. What is McBuddyFinder
    McBuddyfinder is a program that allows you to follow a minecraft server.
    You can enter usernames and different servers and it then scans the servers looking for your friends.
    If one is online it shows a popup and plays a sound (configurable).
    The player list can be sorted into different Groups wich allows you to for example make a group friends and a group staff and then you place the admins in the staff group en friends in the fiends group.
    To be short McBuddyFinder is an easy program for windows that allows you to find friends online without the need to startup minecraft.

    2. Installing McBuddyFinder

    To start off you need to download our latest version from : Here or Here

    Now you will need to extract the files this can be done using 7zip or winrar or winzip or your default windows.

    step 2 will be to install it by starting the setup.exe

    Thats it you have installed McBuddyFinder!

    3. Basic usage!

    The basic usage is using the internal webserver and minotar for avatars.

    To start off the application should already be started due to the nature of the setup.
    First we go to the settings tab

    Now you will see this :
    The notify on status change is the main swich with this turned off you will not receive notifications anymore!
    The play sound on status change will play a configurable sound when the status changes.
    Sound to play is a sound manager here you can select sounds in the dropdown menu. add sounds or remove sounds.
    Startup with windows is only available for administrator access so start the program as administrator or disable UAC (not recommended)
    After that turn it on and it will next time start with windows!
    Check delay is the delay in seconds it will scan the servers you list.
    The progress bar shows us how long it will take before the next scan.
    and recheck will manually scan all servers you listed. do this if you want a direct notice of players online.

    Next is the server manager:
    On the list you will see all the servers with their names ips and ports the program scans on.

    Next we have the form to add your server.
    Servername what do you call your server? it will show up in the notifications!
    Server ip this will be the ip it scans it can also be a hostname.
    Querry port normally you dont have to change it but some servers need it.
    After that click add server to add a server to the list.

    If you wanna remove a server first select it in the list then click remove.
    If you doubleclick a server you will see all the online players on that server

    NOTICE! it will only scan servers with query enabled in

    Next up is the group manager:
    First is the list where you can see the groups
    Next is the group name box where you can enter a name then click add group to add that group to the list.
    To remove a group simply select the group in the list then click Remove the players in that group will be auto moved to the group default.

    Next up is the player manager:
    First up is the username box.
    You can enter any Minecraft username to scan for.
    After that add it to a group by selecting the group from the dropdown box.
    Then click add player to add the player to the list.
    easy he?

    The player overview:
    In this example i have added some players from my server.
    As you can see 1 is online and it will show a green dot next to it aswell as the server which he is online on.
    From here you can also remove users and change groups
    To remove a user simply select the user in the list then click remove player.
    To change a group select the user in the list then change it in the dropdown on the bottom.

    This concludes the basic usage guide.

    4. Setup the program with external webserver.

    First off go to the settings:
    Then click on webserver settings:

    You will now see the webserver screen:
    The first button must be swiched off.
    Then open the script folder using the button below and copy the scripts to your webserver.
    After that change the script url to your websites url scrip path.
    Your done now. if you also want to use your own avatar script instead of minotar:
    Simply put your own scripts url into the avatar url box after swiching the minotar avatars button!

    NOTICE. Dont forget to click save and close. then restart the application for the changes to take effect!

    This concludes the external webserver tutorial

    5. Extras

    If you still wanna use the internal webserver but with internal avatars aswell.
    thats possible.
    Keep the server switched on and only change the switch from minotar to internal
    then click save.

    6. Updating Mc Buddy Finder

    Step 1 go to the settings tab:
    After that click backup Data
    Then close this app and start the Setup.exe from the next version.
    When thats done installing. and the apps starts go back to the settings tab and click Restore Data.
    It will automatically restart the application and you have your users groups and servers back.

    End of this wiki. questions? mail me through click the keyboard under my avatar!

    found a bug? report it on the discussion section of the resource!​
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