Minecord Wiki: Commands & Permissions

Jun 13, 2019
Minecord Wiki: Commands & Permissions
  • Minecord Wiki: Commands & Permissions

    Commands & permissions linked with commands
    • /minecord - Displays general information about the plugin. (No permission).
    • /minecord help - Displays information about the available commands. (No permission).
    • /minecord reload - Reloads the config file. (minecord.reload).
    • /minecord link - Link your Minecraft account with your Discord account. (minecord.link).
    • /minecord unlink <player> - Unlinks a player's Minecraft account with their Discord account (minecord.unlink, minecord.unlink.bypass).
    • /minecord toggle (player) - Toggles your (or a player's) voice chat state. (minecord.toggle, minecord.toggle.bypass).
    • /minecord mute <player> - Prevents a player from using the voice chat. (minecord.mute, minecord.mute.bypass).
    • /minecord unmute <player> - Allows a player to use the voice chat again. (minecord.unmute).
    • /minecord tts <player> <message> - Send a text-to-speech message to a linked player. (minecord.tts, minecord.tts.bypass).
    • /minecord atts <player> <message> - Send an anonymous text-to-speech message to a linked player. (minecord.atts, minecord.atts.bypass).

    You may use /md instead of /minecord. The arguments between <> are compulsory, while the ones between () are optional. Some of the commands listed above are not available for the console.
    The permission required to execute each command is noted between parenthesis after each command description. Those people who have any permission ending with ‘.bypass’ means that no in-game player (except for the Console) will be able to execute that command for them.

    If the 'ForceVoiceChat' field in the 'Options' section of the config file is enabled, the commands /minecord link, /minecord toggle and /minecord mute will be disabled when the executor (or the target) does not have the minecord.forcevoicechat.bypass permission. More information in the F.A.Q. wiki page.

    Permissions for actions
    • minecord.forecevoicechat.bypass - If the 'ForceVoiceChat' field in the 'Options' section of the config file is enabled, any player with this permission will not be forced to enable their voice chat to enter the server. Also, any command that is normally disabled under these circumstances could be executed for players with this permission.
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