Minecord Wiki: Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Mar 9, 2021
Minecord Wiki: Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
  • Minecord Wiki: Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Is this plugin compatible with most of the other resources?
    Yes, it is. However, be careful when using the scoreboard option while having enabled in your server scoreboard-depending plugins. Be careful as well when having other bots in the same Discord server and make sure that the external bot will not interfere in any way with the incorporated Discord bot.

    Does this plugin support Bungee networks?
    Yes, it does. In order to use this plugin in a network you would need a database (MySQL...). Read the installation instructions for more information.

    How does the algorithm work?

    The incorporated algorithm identifies every player’s location and groups those players who are within the configured radius. However, due to Discord API limitations, it is not possible to mute those players who are not within the radius but in the same group between them; in this cases whether a voice chat group is created or not it is configurable.

    Do I have to host the Discord bot apart from the server?
    No, when you start the plugin the bot will start at the same time. If you shut down the server or disable the plugin, the bot will disconnect automatically.

    How does the linking system work?
    The plugin will generate a code for any player who wants to link their Minecraft account with that player’s Discord account. The code will expire in 2 minutes and in order to link the player must send the four-digit code through a direct message to the Discord bot.

    How do I enable my voice chat?
    In order to enable your voice chat, you have to link your account firstly. You may, then, toggle your voice state with the appropriate command. In order to toggle your voice chat, you must be connected to the configured voice chat waiting channel. If you leave the Minecraft server or disconnect voice from Discord you will get automatically unlinked; there are several configuration options regarding to the conditions that control the automatic voice chat enabling or disabling.

    How does the 'ForceVoiceChat' option work?
    When this option is enabled in the configuration, any player that attempts to join the server must be linked and with their Discord voice connected (more requirements can be set in the configuration). If somebody is not linked, the server will automatically kick this player and display a linking code in the kick message, that is to be sent to the Discord bot as if it was a normal case.

    How does the 'SimulateProximity' option work?
    If enabled, when the algorithm detects that the players in a voice chat group are proportionally enough away one from each other, the bot will lower the transmission quality of the voice channel in order to simulate a voice chat from the distance. When enough players get closer, the quality of the voice channel will be restored and the voice chat will sound better and more clear.

    How do I use the placeholders provided by the plugin?
    The plugin hooks into different placeholder APIs (listed in the main page of this resource). All the placeholders available through these implementations are listed in the configuration documentation and can be also configured. You can use them in any plugin which supports the hooked placeholder APIs.

    Can I hook into Minecord from my plugins?
    Yes, Minecord offers a developers API. You can check the documentation from the API main page.

    Important recommendations:
    Due to the limitations of the Discord API the plugin cannot prevent some errors from being caused, this is the reason because the following recommendations should be really taken into account.

    • When Minecord is installed in your server, do not do a reload (/reload), instead, start it and stop it again or do a restart (/restart).
    • If the 'SetNick' field in the 'Options' section of the config file is enabled, do not attempt to modify any player’s nick that has been already changed by the bot. The owner’s nick cannot be modified by the bot.
    • The Discord owner will be able to enter the voice chat channels or move users from there. Please avoid joining the channels generated by the plugin manually as well as moving users from those channels.
    • Do not modify/delete any channel created by the bot. Likewise, do not try to create any channel named as the configured name for voice channels created by the bot.


    • If you are spammed by Discord pop-up messages click the 'Don't show this message nevermore' button just below the main text of the notification.
    • If you are spammed by Discord sounds on notification you may disable them from your account's settings.
    • Text-to-speech messages may not be received by players who have blocked the Discord bot or disabled this type of message in the Discord config.
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