Minecord Wiki: Requirements & Installation

Mar 3, 2019
Minecord Wiki: Requirements & Installation
  • Minecord Wiki: Requirements & Installation

    In order to run properly the plugin and the voice chat system the following items are required:
    • Java 8_167+ (Installed in the same machine/PC that the server).
    • A Spigot/Bukkit Minecraft server with Internet connection. (Any compatible version).
    • A Discord server (and a Discord account). Create one at https://discordapp.com/.
    • All the necessary modules & dependencies. (All modules and dependencies are listed in the main page of this resource, please make sure you can download those labeled as "necessary").
    If you are willing to run this plugin in a BungeeCord network, you need a SQL server (such as MySQL) and a database created in that server.

    These steps must be followed carefully in order to install correctly the plugin and have the best experience possible:
    1. Install the required necessary modules & dependencies. You must download them from the main page of this resource. If you want to include also any other optional module or dependency install them now as a normal plugin or as per instructions from its documentation pages. If you are willing to use Minecord with any other resource using the developers API, install the API now (you must download it from the main page of this resource).
    2. Drop the .jar file delivered in the download in the plugins’ directory of your server files. When you start the server the plugin will automatically disable saying that the ‘token’ field is required in the config file to proceed. If you are installing the plugin on Bungee, drop the .jar file only in the Spigot's plugin folder (for each server) and not in Bungee's.
    3. Firstly, make sure that you have a Discord server and a Discord account. In your account enable the advanced developers settings. (Settings > Appearance > Developer Mode).
    4. Create a Discord bot through the developer section of the web: https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/. Click the ‘Create an application’ button and fill the form as shown in the picture. Anyways, you can name the bot as you like.
    5. Check the token of your bot in the ‘Bot’ section of the same webpage. You have to click previously the ‘Add Bot’ button and confirm (in this step put the same image and name than before). Copy that token and paste it in your Minecord config file. If you are installing this resource on a BungeeCord network, you have to put the same token (unique bot) in the config file of each server's copy of the plugin.
    6. Paste the ID of you server in the appropriate config field by doing left click to your server’s name and clicking the button ‘Copy ID’. Then, create a new voice channel in your Discord server, and make sure that everybody is allowed to join the channel. Copy its ID by doing left click to the channel and click the button ‘Copy ID’, then paste it in the config file.
    7. Invite the new Discord bot to your Discord server by going to the ‘OAuth2’ section of the webpage. Generate a new link as shown in the picture and click it, then, confirm the action. In your Discord server give the bot a role with the ‘Administrator’ permission. This role must be the higher in the hierarchy, even more than the owner’s administrator’s or other bot’s ranks.
    8. You may now restart the server. If a message confirming the bot connection is sent, the installation has been processed correctly. Otherwise, please check again all the steps or if you think you need further assistance, please, ask for support as per instructions from the main page of the resource. If you are installing the plugin on a network you need to enable the 'Database' section of the config of the plugin on each server and configure all the fields correctly.

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