MinecraftWebServer - Configuration

Apr 17, 2020
MinecraftWebServer - Configuration
  • Configuration
    Default Config File:
    ServerPort: 80
    EnableAccessLogging: false
    LoadDefaultFiles: false​
    • ServerPort: The port on the network that the web server is hosted on. Access the server at <your computer's IP>:<server port>. You will need to port forward this for it to be accessible from the outside network.​
    • EnableAccessLogging: Output messages in the console when a request is sent for the website. Includes the IP and page of the request.​
    • LoadDefaultFiles: reload the default files to the website configuration​

    HTML Coding:
    • Any HTML/CSS/JS will work
    • Placeholders will be replaced with their values
      • <MAX_PLAYERS>
      • <PLAYERS_LIST>
      • <MAX_RAM>
      • <FREE_RAM>
      • <USED_RAM>
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