MineMe vs MineMe2 What changed?

Jul 6, 2017
MineMe vs MineMe2 What changed?
  • MineMe vs MineMe2

    What changed in the new version?

    Hallo there beautiful!
    You're probably here because you've notice things aren't the same way they were, so, here's a guide of what has changed from version 1 to 2.
    Go ahead, have fun, or not, and spend some hours trying to fix something and then realize that the cause was the most dumb reason ever. Looking at you Unity!

    Mines and Compositions(top)

    These are 2 separate things now. In version 1, you'd usually create a mine config file and add materials to it.
    Well, things don't work this way now, this is how it works:

    First, you create a composition, you give it a name, a alias, and the materials you want in it.
    Second, now you create the mine and select which composition you'd like to use.

    If you want to think about it this way:
    Mines define the shape of... a mine?
    Compositions (kinda, more on this later) define the materials that said mine will use.

    What is the reason for this?
    The idea is to make it easier to manage materials. I don't know about you guys, but I thought it was a pain in the ass when you had a setup like 2 nonpvp mines and 1 pvp mine, and you wanted to change the nonpvp mine's materials, and you had to go through each one of them individually. Now you can just set all the mines you want to use a specific composition, and then when you make a change to the composition, all mines that use it are affected instantly. :D

    Mines Repopulators(top)

    Now, about mine repopulators
    The way this works, is that, when a mine is reset, the materials of the blocks are dictated by it's repopulator, if the repopulator decides to use the mine's composition or not, that's it's own choise.

    Mines Executors(top)

    If repopulators decide which material will be used when a block is reset, executors decide how they will get placed.

    Basically, there are 2 of them: sync, and async.
    They are pretty explanatory: sync locks the server thread, and changes all the blocks at once, while async does it over time.
    If you use async you can also customize the speed that the blocks gets replaced.

    Hologram Formations(top)

    One of the most requested features on MineMe was the ability to customize the way holograms were positioned and/or create new "holograms position generators".
    My answer to this are Hologram Formations", these dictate where the holograms will be positioned on a holograms compatible mine. If developers want, they can create their own hologram formation and register it using the API.

    There are some other things I need to later about, but I'll add them here later. sry :c
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