Misconceptions About Server Hosting

Feb 11, 2017
Misconceptions About Server Hosting
  • Hello, my name is ExplosiveNight and this is my guide on common misconceptions that new server owners have!

    1: More RAM = Better (except for modpacks)
    Let me make this abundantly clear: You can have 100 people on a server with 30-40 plugins and not have a noticeable TPS drop on even 1-2GB of RAM. RAM is used to make your server run smoothly, the only reason you should need more than 4GB RAM is if:
    1). You plan to have lots of players on a server at the same time (>75).
    2). You have a factions server and genning walls (block updates) hogs RAM.
    3). If you have extremely RAM intensive plugins (like essentials/factions)

    2: Better CPU clock = Better
    If you have a Pentium 3, then yes. But if you have a decently modern processor with a decent clock speed
    (2.0 Ghz+) then you should be fine.

    3: Spigot sucks! I need Paper/TacoSpigot!
    Paper/TacoSpigot are great for customization, you can revert to 1.7 water mechanics, disable stuff and change the rates at things grow. It's also more optimized, so your server will run smoother. Spigot is fine for most things and most plugins can do the same thing as Paper/Taco (except for less lag).

    4: Higher Budget = Higher Quality
    Yes and no. If you have a budget of over $200 starting out then that is WAAAY too much to invest into a server that you don't even know will succeed yet. Instead of paying for expensive plugins and builds, consider paying some YouTubers to upload a trailer or record a video on your server. I started my server with $50 and I can happily say that I don't need any more than that. Most custom plugins shouldn't cost much (if any) money. (@MCGamer00000) is my developer.

    5: Paying for bad, overpriced hosts
    I use a Dell Poweredge 1950 that's sitting on the floor next to my desk to host my server. It works great. Get a dedicated server or a VPS, not some shit minecraft host.

    Please do your research before purchasing hosting.
    Although some hosts may be cheaper than others, they may be hiding something like performance drops, or overselling their boxes. You can find reviews on server hosts on Minecraft Forums or MC-Market.

    6. Less Plugins = Less Lag/Higher TPS

    Not always. 99% of the time less plugins don't affect your server at all. The only reason this would be the case is if you have multiple resource intensive plugins, but plugins by themselves don't lag your server.

    If plugins are coded in an efficient manner to minimise resource usage then this should not be a problem.

    7. Home Hosting is Bad
    Here we go... Home Hosting is good for smaller servers that don't have a lot of donations or money. I never recommend hosting a server on your main PC because if you get DDoSed then your entire network will go down. I home host on a separate ip (only $10 extra/mo for my ISP) and it works like a charm. Best Practices for home hosting:
    1). Use some form of Linux, whether it be Cent, Ubuntu, Debian, whatever.
    2). Don't Host it on your main IP. (Pretty Self Explanatory)
    3). Buy a decent server. There's used HP Proliants and Dell PowerEdges on eBay with 32GB RAM starting at $150. I have one.
    4). Use cloudflare or some sort of ip masking for your domain
    5). Setup a SRV record on your domain. HostHorde has a great tutorial on this here: https://www.hosthorde.com/forums/resources/setting-up-a-srv-record-with-cloudflare.77/

    I am open to suggestions, please comment below if you would like me to mention anything else in this thread and I will do my best to include it! (https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/co...server-hosting-and-servers-in-general.216029/)
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