MMOItems - Advanced Systems

May 22, 2018
MMOItems - Advanced Systems

  • Elemental Damage & Defense
    You can bind elements to your weapons to make them deal extra damage.
    The system is pretty simple and relies on two operations:

    • Any elemental damage stat (Fire Damage, Ice Damage...) will increase the damage dealt by your weapon. The values are cumulative. If your weapon has 5% Fire Damage and 7% Water Damage, your weapon will deal 12% extra damage.
    • Any elemental defense stat (Fire Defense, Ice Defense...) will decrease the extra damage dealt by the corresponding elemental damage stat. If entity A, holding a 15% Fire Damage weapon, attacks entity B, wearing a 10% Fire Defense chestplate, the elements will only deal 15 - 10 = 5% extra damage. The values are cumulative just like the elemental damage, but can only apply for the corresponding elemental extra damage.

    Item Identification
    Dropped items may sometimes be unidentified and thus unusable.
    You have to use a consumable on unidentified items in order to identify them.
    1. Create a consumable,
    2. Enable the Can Identify? item option,
    3. Get the item,
    4. Drag & drop this item on the unidentified item.
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