Installation Guide

Jun 24, 2019
Installation Guide
  • Quick Installation Guide
    You may download & open the zip file on Spigot:

    Open the file which corresponds to your server version. If you are running a 1.13 or higher server, go for the /MMOItems 1.13+ folder. If you are running a 1.8-1.12 server, go for the /MMOItems 1.8-1.12 folder. Then pickup the file either called MMOItems 1.13.jar or MMOItems Legacy.jar, extract it & drop it in your plugins folder. The other files are unnecessary addons, see below for more info.

    If you want to install any of the addons, simply take the jar which corresponds to your server version and drop it in your plugins folder. Last but not least, keep in mind you must ONLY install one plugin jar, either MMOItems 1.13.jar or MMOItems Legacy.jar. Your console will be prompted error messages when trying to install both.

    If you are using WorldGuard, make sure you are running the very latest WG build available for your server version. MMOItems uses methods implemented in WorldGuard 6.2 and will thus crash when loading if you're using an outdated version. You need WorldGuard 6.2 or higher.


    The other files are addons. If you are new to MMOItems, you might not need them right away. Install them in the /plugins folder (not in the /MMOItems/addon folder).

    MMOItems WorldDrops allows you to have per-world drop tables for blocks, monsters & mythic mobs. This allows monsters/blocks/mythic mobs to drop different items depending on the world they are killed/mined in. If you want to use this addon, simply drag & drop it in your plugins folder just like you did with MMOItems.
    A /drops folder should appear in the /MMOItems plugin folder after rebooting your server. In that folder, each .yml file corresponds to a world drop tables. In order to know how to configurate these YAML config files, please refer to this wiki page.

    MMOItems UltraItemUpdater allows you to always keep all your items up to date each time you edit them using the item edition menu. The item updater is a system which allows you to keep every item in player inventories up to date with the most recent changes applied to them in the edition menu, which is very handy if you need to nerf them for intance.
    By typing /updateallitems, you can actually enable the item updater for every item you created. This addon will take extra performance, therefore you need to be careful when using it. The item updater was designed to nerf specific items once at a time, and not to keep all items updated - check your timings after running that command during a server players peak, if they seem fine, you may consider keeping this option on.

    MMOItems Mana & Stamina is a simple addon which adds default mana & stamina resources for players. These resources can be consumed to use abilities or weapons. PlaceholderAPI placeholders:

    • %mana_mana%
    • %mana_stamina%
    • %mana_mana_regen%
    • %mana_stamina_regen%
    • %mana_mana_bar%
    • %mana_stamina_bar%
    • %mana_max_mana%
    • %mana_max_stamina%
    You can use /mana reload to reload the config file once edited. Everything else is self explanatory. This addon is pointless if you already have an RPG core plugin like Heroes or SkillAPI which has a built-in mana & stamina system. You may only use this addon if you're not using any RPG plugin.
    Code (Text):

    # Change default stats here
    # Regen unit: <resource>/sec
            mana: 20
            stamina: 20
            mana: 0.5
            stamina: 0.5

    # The percentage of their max mana/stamina which players
    # get as mana/stamina when logging in for the first time
        mana: 75
        stamina: 75

    # Edit here the character used in the resource bars
    # in the %mana_<mana/stamina>_bar% placeholder
        mana: =
        stamina: =
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