MMOItems - Item Creation

Jun 21, 2018
MMOItems - Item Creation

  • Here are the two methods you can use to create your items.

    First method: Item Edition GUI
    This method is used to create items directly in game, without the use of config files.
    This is a powerful and easy-to-understand method but I'd recommend advanced users to use the second one, which is way quicker if you already know all the item stats and how they work.

    1. Get in the game and create your item via this command:
      Code (Text):
       /mi create <ITEM_TYPE> <YOUR_ITEM_ID>
      To see all the available item types (Sword, Axe, Tool...), use /mi list type. Your item ID should differ from its display name. Example: the item ID for "Steel Dagger" would be "STEEL_DAGGER".
    2. Once your item is created, the item editor should open up. If you close the editor, you can still access it using this command:
      Code (Text):
      /mi edit <ITEM-TYPE> <YOUR-ITEM-ID>
    3. On the 5th slot of the inventory (item editor) you can see your item and its current stats. You can click the gunpowder to obtain it. Every other item corresponds to an item stat, that you can edit. Instructions on how to edit them are displayed directly in game.
    4. Once you added all the stats you wanted, get your item and have fun!

    Second method: using the \item folder
    Advanced users should consider using this method as it is way faster if you already know the item stats you want to use.
    1. Get in the \item folder (from the server folder: plugins>MMOItems>item).
    2. Select your item type and open the corresponding .yml file in the \item folder.
    3. Find your item ID. Your item ID should differ from its display name. Example: the item ID for "Steel Dagger" would be "STEEL_DAGGER".
    4. In the .yml file, write:
      Code (Text):
        material: YOUR_ITEM_MATERIAL
      All materials can be found here.
    5. Add as much item modifiers (Abilities, Attack Damage....) as you want! You can see all modifiers (and how to add them) on this Wiki page!
    6. Save the file and get back on MC. Use /mi <ITEM-TYPE> <YOUR-ITEM-ID> to get your item!
    Here is an item example:
    Code (Text):
      material: STICK
      name: '&fMagma Staff'
          type: fire_meteor
          cooldown: 10
          damage: 8
          type: BURN
          cooldown: 3
      range: 25
      attack-damage: 6.8
      attack-speed: 0.9
        fire_resistance: 1
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