MMOItems - Item Types

Nov 29, 2018
MMOItems - Item Types
  • An item is defined by its item type & its item stats. The item type will define how the item behaves when right clicked, left clicked, smashed on the heads of your enemies...

    Since a lot of item types share the same item effects, item types are regrouped into item sets: slashing weapons, percing weapons, blunt weapons, range weapons & extra.

    Slashing weapons deal damage in a cone behind your initial target.
    • Sword, Greatsword, Katana
    • Axe, Greataxe
    • Halberd

    Piercing weapons deal damage in a line behind the initial target.
    • Thrusting Sword
    • Dagger
    • Spear, Lance

    Blunt weapons deal AoE (area of effect) damage around the target.
    • Hammer, Greathammer
    • Gauntlet - can stun entities |right-click]
    • Lute, Stave
    • Greatstaff

    Offhand items are the only items that can apply their stats when held in the off hand.
    • Tome
    • Catalyst, Talisman
    • Shield, Greatshield

    Range weapons have different item passives depending on their item types.
    • Wand - can cast magic attack [left click] & can knock enemies back [right click on entity]
    • Staff - same as Wand
    • Bow, Greatbow
    • Whip - ranged whip attack [left click]
    • Crossbow - can fire arrows [left click]
    • Musket - can fire musket bullets [right click]

    • Armor - applies effects when worn
    • Tool - can has custom enchants
    • Consumable - can be consumed [right click] and applied on items [drag & drop]
    • Miscellaneous
    • Gem Stone - can be applied on items [drag & drop]
    • Material - can be used to craft other items at the advanced workbench.
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