MMOItems - Plugin compatibilities

Nov 1, 2017
MMOItems - Plugin compatibilities

  • This section lists all added plugin compatibilities.

    WorldGuard Flags
    MMOItems allows you to use custom flags to prevents players from doing specific actions in certain WorldGuard regions. Here is a the flags list & a quick tutorial explaining how to use the flag system.
    • mi-disable-abilities (applies for both On Hit & Right Click abilities)
    • mi-disable-commands
    • mi-disable-weapons (only applies for custom weapons)
    • mi-disable-consummables
    • mi-disable-tools (disable their special enchants: Bouncing Crack...)
    1. Download WorldGuard and WGCustomFlags (which allows several plugins to easily add custom flags to your WorldGuard 'flag database').
    2. Restart your server. While the plugin is loading, check the console to see every flag that the plugin added.
    3. The flags system is now ready to use! Head back to MC and add whatever flag you want as if it was a default WorldGuard one!
    Custom Enchantments plugins
    Note: since MMOItems 2.0, all custom enchantments are supported. The following part only applies for your items that were generated before the 2.0 update.
    MMOItems should support most of the custom enchants plugin if they follow the "default Minecraft enchantment format", which corresponds to the name of the enchantment in Light Gray followed by its level, in roman writing.
    Credit: CrazyEnchants
    Credit: Crazy Enchants (name only)

    Your items can have a required level, which represents by default the minecraft level you need in order to use this item. However you can also use RPGPlayerLeveling's level system, here is a quick tutorial on how to setup the plugin.
    1. Go in the config.yml file.
    2. Change the player-level parameter to "RPGPlayerLeveling" (not case sensitive).
    3. Reload the plugin using /mi reload and HF!
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