MMOItems - Plugin compatibilities

Feb 25, 2018
MMOItems - Plugin compatibilities

  • This section lists all plugin compatibilities.

    WorldGuard Flags
    MMOItems allows you to use custom flags to prevents players from doing specific actions in certain WorldGuard regions. Here is the complete list:
    • mi-disable-abilities (applies for both On Hit & Right Click abilities)
    • mi-disable-commands
    • mi-disable-weapons (only applies for custom weapons)
    • mi-disable-consummables
    • mi-disable-tools (disable their special enchants: Bouncing Crack...)
    If WorldGuard is installed, it should be detected automaticaly by MMOItems when the server is booting. You can check the console when the plugin is loading to make sure it was detected. If you did not install WorldGuard, head to Bukkit, download & install it and reload/restart the server.

    Custom Enchantments plugins
    Note: since MMOItems 2.0, all custom enchantments are supported. The following part only applies for your items that were generated before the 2.0 update.
    MMOItems should support most of the custom enchants plugin if they follow the "default Minecraft enchantment format", which corresponds to the name of the enchantment in Light Gray followed by its level, in roman writing.
    Credit: CrazyEnchants
    Credit: Crazy Enchants (name only)

    RPG Plugins (SKillAPI, RPGPlayerLeveling)
    In order to completely incorporate MMOItems to your RPG server, you'll have to connect it to your main RPG plugin. The list of supported RPG plugins can be found in the config.yml file.
    1. Go in the config.yml file.
    2. Change the player-level parameter to the name of the plugin you want MMOItems to connect to (not case sensitive).
    3. Reload the plugin config file using /mi reload and have fun : all in-game systems are now connected to your RPG "core" plugin.

    Please refer to this Wiki page.
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