Supported Plugins

Jun 24, 2019
Supported Plugins

  • This section lists all BUILT-IN compatibilities implemented into MMOItems.

    WorldGuard Flags
    MMOItems allows you to use custom flags to prevents players from doing specific actions in certain WorldGuard regions. Here is the complete list:
    • mi-abilities (applies for both on-hit & right-click abilities)
    • mi-commands (item commands)
    • mi-weapons (only applies for custom weapons)
    • mi-consumables
    • mi-tools (disable their special enchants: Bouncing Crack...)
    Like any other plugin, WorldGuard should be detected automatically by MMOItems when the server is booting. You can check the console when the plugin is loading to make sure it was detected.

    Custom Enchantments plugins
    Since MMOItems 2.0, item data is now stored in NBTTags, which means editing lore by adding custom enchantments to items no longer makes MMOItems unusable. You may only have issues with custom enchants with items that were generated back before 2.0. In this case, you should consider updating your items using /updateitem <item> <id>. You also need to make sure the enchants plugin does not erase the item NBT data when it edits the item lore, but most enchants plugins do not.
    MMOItems is now compatible with most enchant plugins, although the enchant effects might interfere with the item features.

    RPG Core Plugins
    MMOItems will automatically hook onto any detected RPG plugin. MMOItems can read the player level in order to apply the item level restriction, the player class for the class restriction, and the player mana & stamina/power for ability & item resource costs.
    Supported Core Plugins:

    The 'Max Mana' item option ONLY works with Heroes & the MMOItems mana addon. The only way to have items give extra maximum mana is to use one of these plugins.

    MMOItems lets your mythic mobs drop items from MI.
    Please refer to this wiki page.

    MMOItems currently allows you to get the total item stat of a player. To get some stat value, use %mmoitems_stat_[stat_name]%. e.g: %mmoitems_stat_critical_strike_chance%.
    PlaceholderAPI also allows you to retrieve your current item durability. By displaying a certain placeholder to the player, you can show him how damaged the held item is. For more info on that, see the Custom Durability > Via Placeholders section on this wiki page.

    MMOItems supports RPGInventory: players can equip items from MMOItems in their custom inventory and benefit from their stats. However since RPGInventory does not support item attribute modifiers, stats based on vanilla attribute modifiers like attack speed, max health & movement speed won't apply on non-armor/hand item slots (i.e extra slots like accessory slots). Any other item effect will work fine.

    Hologram Plugins
    MMOItems uses hologram plugins to display in-game damage indicators when players hit other monsters and regeneration indicators when players gain health back just like on the following screenshots.
    Currently, MMOItems supports Holograms and HolographicDisplays.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    MMOItems adds a special type of reward to BossShopPro. This reward type can be used to give players an item when they click an item. Here is the format you need to use in order to setup an MMOItem reward type:
    Code (Text):
    RewardType: MMOITEM
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