MobHunting - Bag of gold

May 20, 2017
MobHunting - Bag of gold
  • Bag of gold

    MobHunting can drop Bags of gold on the ground as a reward. To use set
    in your config.yml

    You can choose different kind of Items to be dropped - all with a value

    If you choose SKULL, you will get the Bag of Gold (this is default)


    And if you set
    Your players can pickup the Bag of gold and store it in a PROTECTED chest or sell the bag using a "Bag of Gold Sign", or using /mh bag sell

    This is the template to use when you create signs.

    Mobhunting.bagofgoldsign.use to let the users Sell and Buy Bags of gold.
    Mobhunting.bagofgoldsign.create to let the user create signs.
    Mobhunting.bagofgoldsign.destroy to let the user destroy signs.


    Almost everything can be configured in the config.yml and your language file. Here is some examples:

    • Bag of gold can be translated to other languages
    • Bag of gold can get another skin. Using textures from
    • Bag of gold can be renamed to any other name. Ex. Silver chest (
    • If you change the default name you can use your customname when you create Signs or [bagofgold] if you like. [Bagofgold] does always work.
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