Run console commands as a reward

Feb 27, 2017
Run console commands as a reward
  • You can now run a console command as a reward, whenever a player kills a Mob, Player or gets an achievement.

    Here are some examples:

    Get the dead players skull every time a player kills an enemy. To make this work, you can edit config.yml manually changing the line to:

    pvp-kill-cmd: give {player} 397 1 3 {SkullOwner:"{killed_player}"}|give {player} diamond 1
    pvp-kill-cmd-desc: You got {killed_player}'s skull

    Giving diamonds

    hunt-begins: 10.0
    hunt-begins-cmd: give {player} diamond 5
    hunt-begins-cmd-desc: Hi {player} you got 5 diamonds in world {world}

    And you can run more than one command. Each command must be separated by "|"

    axe-murderer: 20.0
    axe-murderer-cmd: pex user {player} timed add 60 {world}|fly
    axe-murderer-cmd-desc: You are now allowed to use /fly for 60 second
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