Feb 27, 2017
  • MasterMobHunters

    MasterMobHunter Signs can now be powered!
    Create NPC's showing the Skin of the best MobHunters and create a sign showing the statistics of the Master. This feature is depending on Citizens2.

    How to create the MasterMobHunter (NPC) :
    1. ) Place yourself where you want to place the MasterMob Hunter.
    2. ) Type "/mh npc create [stattype] [period] [rank] " Ex. "/mh npc create total_kills AllTime 1" to create a MasterMobHunter (NPC) showing the Skin of the player with most kills all time on your server. use tab to complete/chose statype and period after you enter create
    3. ) Notice the NPC ID. You need it to create the MasterMobhunter Sign.
    How to create a MasterMobHunter Sign
    1. ) Place a sign anywhere
    2. ) First line most have this format "[MHnnn]" where nnn is the number of the MasterMobHunter (NPC ID).
    3. ) If you don't know the ID, you can click on the NPC with a Stick to get the number in the chat.
    Other commands
    /mh npc remove

    • to remove the NPC
    /mh npc update

    • to force and update of all MasterMobHunters created on the server.
    • NOTICE: All Master MobHunters and Signs is auto updated every 300 sec. You should not update automatically to often, not to cause lag. I don't know the limit yet.
    You will need permission "mobhunting.npc" to use these features

    You need to install Citizens2 to be able to create MasterMobHunters.

    Redstone Powered Signs
    You can now power the MasterMobHunter Signs with Redstone when the MasterMobHunter (the player) is online. If you want the signs to be powered the add a "+" after the NPC Id. Ex. [MHnnn+] or [MH1+] to power NPC nnn or NPC 1. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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