Setting up the database

Feb 27, 2017
Setting up the database
  • From version 1.7.0 onwards, MobHunting uses databases to store its data.

    It offers the following choices for database:

    • SQLite (default)
    • MySQL
    If you choose to use SQLite, no further work is required.
    If you choose to use MySQL, keep reading.

    MySQL user permissions:
    For MobHunting to be able to work, it will need an account with the following permissions:

    • SELECT permission in information_schema From 1.7.1 onwards, this is no longer a requirement
    • ALTER, CREATE, DELETE, EXECUTE, INSERT, SELECT, TRIGGER, UPDATE permissions for the database specified in the config (Default: "mobhunting")
    Telling MobHunting what database to use
    In the config you will see this section (if you have run 1.7.0 before), if not, copy the following into the config:

    # Type of database to use. Valid values are: sqlite, mysql
    type: sqlite
    username: user
    password: password
    host: localhost:3306
    database: mobhunting

    What type of database to use. Must be sqlite or mysql
    username and password
    The details of the mysql account to use. SQLite does not use these.
    The ip and port of the server hosting your database. SQLite does not use this.
    The name of the database to use. If using SQLite, this is the name of the file without the extension.
    NOTE: MobHunting does not create the database in the case of MySQL, you will need to do this yourself.
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