Nov 26, 2021
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    Welcome to the tutorial page of map-painting!
    Here you will learn to be a pixel-artist step by step!
    Don't forget to upload your master pieces! :)

    In the tutorial, we have to hold a map in our hand before creating a canvas (Which is called legacy mode), but you no longer need to do so since version 1.5.6-beta. Now we use a painting item instead of the map. But the legacy mode still works in current version.

    1 Create canvas
    In order to paint, you should hold a map (cannot be empty map!) in your and, and issue command /mpp create normal <name>. Where normal is the type of the canvas, denoting the canvas is square-shaped and covering the whole map.
    Then you'll create canvas.
    Actually you can create a canvas without holding a map in your hand! You will just need a confirmation (/mpp confirm) after issuing the create command. The confirmation is to prevent too many maps from being created.

    2 Paint!
    When you've successfully created a map, place it in a item frame.
    And then paint on it.

    Hopefully you will get your master piece! :)

    3 Destroy Canvas
    Sometimes you really want to abandon your painting. If you want to do so, you should either:
    • Directly issue /mpp destroy <name>, and then issue /mpp confirm.
    • Hold a map in your hand, issue /mpp destroy, and then /mpp confirm.
    And you will have your map return.
    You will need permission either "mpp.owner" or "mpp.manager" to issue this command!

    4 Bestow your painting on your friend?
    You could also transfer the ownership of your painting to others. With a single command chown and a confirmination. You should either:
    • Just issue /mpp chown <receiver> <name> and then /mpp confirm to bestow.
    • Hold the canvas you want to bestow in your hand, and issue /mpp chown <receiver> then /mpp confirm.
    Now you have transferred the ownership.
    You will need permission either "mpp.owner" or "mpp.manager" to issue this command!

    5 Paint with your friends
    When you ask you friend to paint with you, you will find him fail to even draw a single stroke!
    It's because your painting is protected. I can't let any player to draw on your painting indiscriminately, isn't it. You should use chmod to let me know about your friends, either:
    • Just issue /mpp chmod <+/-painter>... <name> to add or remove painter.
    • Hold the canvas you want to manage in your hand, and issue /mpp chown <+/-painter>....
    You could specify more than one painters.
    Now your friends can collaborate with you on painting, enjoy it with your friends together! :)

    6 Even more colors!
    Have you ever thought, what it will be if mixing these dyes together?
    I should tell you, the answer is, more colorful pigments!

    You should mix in your 2-by-2 portable crafting table, or 3-by-3 workbench.
    You will need 2 or more dyes/pigments to mix.
    When you mix them without a water bucket, you will obtain pigments whose color are the average of input dyes/pigments, and amount is the same as the input dyes/pigments.
    Mixing without a water bucket is perfect when you want to make the color of dyes/pigments brighter or darker, but imperfect for changing the color/hue.

    You could also add a water bucket for mixing.
    When this happens, you will obtain a pigment whose color is the sum of input dyes/pigments. And the water bucket will turn into a empty bucket after crafting.
    Mixing with a water bucket is perfect when you want to change the color/hue of input dyes. But you should be very careful before it turns into a complete black!

    Now you are able to use multiple colors in painting! (Forgive me for my terrible doodle painting...)

    7 Easy to fill, hard to drink.
    It's an annoying and indecent work to fill a enclosed shape by raw painting with dyes or pigments.

    There's a alternative solution, whose name is paint bucket. A bucket filled with paint.
    To craft a paint bucket, you will need a pigment or dye, and a milk.
    (You won't get your empty bucket back, as it is used to store the paint.)

    To fill such enclosed rectangle. I just need a click inside the rectangle.

    Then the rectangle is filled.

    Please notice the paint in the bucket is definitely not potable and should never be tasted.

    8 Ouch! My hand thrashed!
    Your master piece got wrecked by a ugly stroke of incautiousness? Don't worry, you can revert it as if it didn't happen, with a handy command.

    When you want to revert, just type /mpp undo. If you find your canvas unmoved after undoing, try more undo commands.

    You will get your seamless artwork back, by one or more undo commands.

    By the way, if you have undone too much, you could use /mpp redo to do undone works again!

    9 A more pixel-stylish painting
    When you create a normal type canvas, 128x128 may be far too precise. Especially when you want to compose a pixel-stylish painting. It's time wasting to fill square tiles. Maybe canvases of 32x32, 16x16, are suitable?
    Don't worry, you could create a these canvas for pixel-stylish painting just by adding resolution parameters.

    You can create a canvas of lower resolution by /mpp create normal <name> <resolution>. Where resolution is a integer between 1~128.

    Now begin to compose a more pixel-stylish artwork.

    10 Clone canvas
    Have you ever thought about copying one of your painting? You don't need to paint from scratch, but just by typing the clone command!

    Issue /mpp create clone <name> <cloned> to clone a existing canvas. While the cloned is the source canvas to be cloned.

    Then you will obtain a clone, isn't it easy?

    And modifications on the clone will never affect the original one. Great method for manufacturing your artwork!

    11 Advanced Permission Control
    Remember what have we done in the chapter 5, where we use chmod command to add your friends into the crew of painters? Actually, this plugin provides more precise permission control!
    For example, when you create a canvas where you want every players in the server to paint on, should you know the name of every players in the server, and add them one by one?
    By typing the command /mpp info, you will know the current status of your holding painting, like its name, who does it belong to, and who can paint or interact with.

    Do you notice that '#all', who is #all? Actually, #all is a set of people, or every player in the server exactly. We call those names started with '#' the selectors. Now I think you should know how to allow everyone in the server to paint on the canvas! just by /mpp chmod +#all <your painting>, you will do that.

    I think you should have another question. Yesterday another player Jack assaulted me, stealing many things from mine, I want everyone in the server to paint except for him, what should I do?
    This case, you will need another selector, the #-<who> or #reject:<who>. This selector is usually combined with #all, if you have a #all and a #reject:Jack, then Jack will be rejected! :)

    There're also other selectors, like #op allowing all operators to paint, #perm:<permission> allowing all players having specified permission to paint!

    Besides controlling the painters, you are also allowed to control who can interact with you canvas, like your script canvas. This time, you just need to add i before plus or minus, like /mpp chmod i+#all <your painting> will allow any one to interact with the painting.

    You could use /mpp info <painting_name> <player> to see what the specified player could do with your painting, the result will be displayed in the Privilege section. What about checking whether Jack is rejected?
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