Multi-lingual Plugin Programming

Jun 15, 2016
Multi-lingual Plugin Programming
  • Mlpp is a plugin made for developing plugins in languages other than Java (mainly languages that are interpreted and not compiled).

    The API in Javascript is the same in Java.
    Every .js file in the Javascript folder is ran when the plugin is enabled.
    Because the API is almost the same in Java,
    Code (Text):
    will work.

    Events work a little differently than in Java.
    To register an event in Mlpp, use:
    Code (Text):
    Events.EVENTTHINGHERE(function(event) {
        // Do your things here.
    Replace EVENTTHINGHERE with the event class name that would be used in Java without the Event word.
    For an example:
    • onBlockPlace
    • onBlockBreak
    • onEnchantItem
    Events supported:
    • BlockPlaceEvent
    • BlockBreakEvent
    • PlayerInteractEvent
    • BlockFadeEvent
    • EnchantItemEvent
    • CreatureSpawnEvent
    • ProjectileHitEvent
    • EntityDeathEvent
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