Aug 24, 2017
  • Custom placeholders for MVdW-Software plugins

    When talking about custom placeholders there are two types.
    • Custom placeholders coded in a separate plugin that hooks into a MVdW-Software plugin
    • A javascript based placeholder that is created in the placeholder_custom.yml file under the directory /placeholders/ inside the plugins data folder.
    Custom coded placeholder plugins can be created using the API made available in each plugin.
    This API example is from ActionBar, but the same applies to other plugins

    Code (Text):
    package be.maximvdw.rainbownamesplaceholder;

    import org.bukkit.ChatColor;

    import be.maximvdw.featherboard.api.PlaceholderAPI;
    import be.maximvdw.featherboard.api.PlaceholderAPI.PlaceholderRequestEvent;
    import be.maximvdw.featherboard.api.PlaceholderAPI.PlaceholderRequestEventHandler;

    public class RainbowNamesPlaceholder extends JavaPlugin {

        public void onEnable() {

            PlaceholderAPI.registerOfflinePlaceholder("rainbowname", true,
                    new PlaceholderRequestEventHandler() {

                        public String onPlaceholderRequest(PlaceholderRequestEvent e) {
                            String playerName = e.getOfflinePlayer().getName();
                            String newName = "";
                            for (int i = 0; i < playerName.length(); i++) {
                                newName += ChatColor.values()[i]
                                        + String.valueOf(playerName.charAt(i));
                            return newName;

    The other type of custom placeholders are the javascript boolean placeholders. These placeholders can return a true and false state (at the moment) that changes depeding on the evaluated result of a javascript expression that can contain placeholders.

    Code (Text):

    ## --------------------------------------- ##
    ## Custom Skript Placeholders
    ## --------------------------------------- ##

    ## Do not edit this config version
    config: 1

    # Add your own placeholders under this category
      ismaximcool: # this would be used as {ismaximcool}
        condition: "true" # has to be 'true' or 'false'  (in this case ofc true)
        true: "Ofc he is"
        false: "ERROR"
      healthyornot: # this would be used as {healthyornot}
        condition: "{health} > 10" # You can use other placeholders here
        true: "&aYou are healthy!"
        false: "&cEat something ..."
      nearbed: # this would be used as {nearbed}
        # So, this gets the absolute difference of your position minus your bed position and checks if its closer then 10
        condition: "(Math.abs({x} - {bed_x}) < 10) && (Math.abs({y} - {bed_y}) < 10) && (Math.abs({z} - {bed_z}) < 10)"
        true: "You are close"
        false: "Not so close"
    The condition is a javascript expression that can contain any placeholders. In the last example with {nearbed} it uses the {x} y,z... positions and the {bed_x} ,y,z positions
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