MVdW Terms of Service

Apr 15, 2019
MVdW Terms of Service

  • Copyright(top)

    These terms apply to the following projects:
    • FeatherBoard
    • ArcadeBoard
    • QAPlugin
    • Tab
    • TitleAdvanced
    • ActionBar
    • AnimatedNames
    • DynamicSigns
    • ConditionPerms
    • Top
    • InteractiveChat
    the products are owned by the copyright owner.

    Copyright owner(top)

    Maxim Van de Wynckel (Maximvdw)

    Terms of Service(top)

    • All rights received: The copyright owner holds all rights to the products.
    • Distribution is not allowed: You are not allowed to distribute the products. This applies both to the binaries or any sources. Illegal distribution can lead to legal action.
    • Support is only given on spigot: Support is only given on spigot through the spigot account that bought the product. This means that you have to be the owner before expecting any help.
      We ask our customers to ask the community for help first with configuration or questions. Bugs can be reported either through PM but preferably through the products (plugins) description page.
    • Provide support information: Provide as much information as possible when asking for support. Most of my plugins include debug dump commands. If not, include configs and logs.
    • Support rejection: Support can be rejected if you are using plugins that are illegally obtained. Even if the plugin/product you are asking support for is purchased. They can cause misbehavior on your server or the plugin and will therefor not fall under the support.
    • Decompilation is not allowed: Decompiling any products is not allowed. API's are available and documented for interfacing.
    • Configuration services/sales are allowed: You are allowed to offer your services in creating configuration files. This means you are allowed to sell standalone configuration files. You may - however never distribute the plugin itself. We also ask service providers to ask the spigot user and verify them on
    • Refunds are not allowed: Refunds are not allowed in any circumstances. If a refund is made and lost by the buyer we will not add the user to the buyers again. Users that win a charge back will be blocked from using any of my plugins in the future.
    • Usage on multiple networks/servers: Every product has a specified amount of servers it can run on. The product may only be used on one network. If you wish to use the product on multiple networks we advice either buying a new copy on a "business account" on spigot or contacting Maximvdw through PM. Plugins ran on multiple networks without authorization will be suspended.
    • Updates: You will receive future updates for free. It is however possible that future 3rd party extensions will be sold separate. However these will never take away existing features.
    • Compatibility: Compatibility of supported Minecraft versions is always mentioned in the description. The author has the right to drop support for Minecraft versions in future updates. In some cases plugins will become broken or obsolete when new Minecraft versions arrive - it is not within the power of the author to change this.
    • Price changes: Prices of products can change for new buyers. This can be either through sales or increase of prices due to feature updates. Refunds are not given to anyone who buys plugins before or after a sale ends
    • Modification: Modification of the product in any way is not allowed. This also includes private usage. Commands such as the plugin about act as a license validation and may/can not be altered.
    • End of Life: While this is not something I want - there is the possibility that products will reach an end of life (EOL). This will in my best efforts be announced 5-6 months beforehand.
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