NPC Setup

Jun 19, 2019
NPC Setup
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    Lobby Spawn Setup
    • Before doing anything you must set up a spawn point for players to spawn in using /setlobbyspawn (You can disable this spawn point by setting (FORCED_SPAWN) to false within the config.yml file)
    How to setup Lobby NPCs

    Before you continue, you must have downloaded and installed NPCLib-Plugin
    1.) Create and get a Skin ID
    Now, before creating your NPC you must have a skin id.
    You can find a random skin you like or create your own at

    But where can I find the Skin ID?

    After finding your Skin ID, create it and add some cool line on top of it's name!
    /npc add (skinIdHere) (onlyOneLine)

    Q: How can I destroy one of my NPCs?
    R: /npcdestroy (Left click whichever NPC you want to delete)
    Q: Can I add more than one line to my NPC?
    R: No, but if I get enough requests for it, I will add the option to do so.
    Q: I think one of my NPCs are glitched what do I do?
    R: You can try using /npc getnear to get a list of all of the NPCs registered by the plugin.
    * As far as I know NPCs can sometimes have missing skins or might not completely spawn at all(Mostly happens whenever you're setting them up) but you can try relogging and they should be there.

    For support please contact me on my spigot profile or on discord!
    Also, if you have any suggestions please send me a message. :giggle:
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