PlaceholderAPI placeholders

Sep 3, 2020
PlaceholderAPI placeholders
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    This wiki is outdated and no longer maintained.

    Here are the links to the new wiki pages:
    New Placeholder List:
    General Wiki:

    The old information that use to be here has now been removed as it was inaccurate and generally just caused more confusion among users, please see the links above to see the most up to date list of placeholders and general tutorials with using PlaceholderAPI.
    PlaceholderAPI Team


    PlaceholderAPI is a module based system where placeholders for a specific function/object/plugin are usually compiled into individual .jar files called "Expansions"..

    These expansions are similar to how actual plugins on your server work.

    In order for an expansion to be loaded and enabled, the <expansion name>.jar file must be located in the /server/plugins/ folder and you must also have any to use Factions placeholders, you will obviously need the Factions plugin installed and running properly on your server).

    This expansion system allows the core plugin of PlaceholderAPI to be as light and dependency free as possible while also allowing the expansion developer much flexibility as each set of placeholders is contained within its own environment. Updating is super easy, the code behind the placeholders can be organized neatly, and it doesn't bloat the actual plugin with tons of useless code or functions that are never used!

    All official expansions can be downloaded either in game via the command - /papi ecloud, or by visiting my website.
    If you are a developer and have expansions that you have made and would like to contribute to the official PlaceholderAPI expansion cloud for others to download and use, send me a message.

    Some plugins may add placeholders to PlaceholderAPI other ways than the expansion system stated above such as include them with the plugin that the placeholders are associated with and load them into PlaceholderAPI when said plugin is enabled on your server.

    This wiki page is no longer maintained, please visit the GitHub page for an up to date version.
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