PlaceholderAPI Tutorial

Jul 8, 2017
PlaceholderAPI Tutorial
  • PlaceholderAPI (or PAPI) is an expansion-based placeholder plugin. It used in things like Scoreboards, Holograms, Chat plugins and so many more plugins
    It is very simple to get this plugin working. First, install the plugin exactly how you would any other.
    The Expansion part of this plugin seems to cause the most confusion. In order for PAPI placeholders to work, you must first have the correct expansion.
    To find expansions, you can go to, which has the full list. To install an expansion, simply type /papi ecloud enable, and then /papi ecloud download (expansion-name)
    Placeholders are useful for giving players information specific to them or their groups, like Prefixes or their Balance. Here are a few basic placeholders you may find useful
    If you want to use a placeholder, a good tip would be to download the first part of the placeholder as expansion, such as Player for the player_name and Vault for the vault_eco.
    - Player's Name: %player_name%
    - Player's Balance: %vault_eco_balance%
    - Time Played: %statistic_time_played%
    - Skyblock Level: %askyblock_level%
    - Prefix: %vault_rankprefix%
    - Suffix: %vault_ranksuffix%
    - DeluxeTags Tag: %deluxetags_tag%
    - Nickname: %essentials_nickname%
    - Faction: %factions_faction%
    - Votes: %galistener_votes%
    - Pet Name: %mypet_name%
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