PlaceholderAPI Tutorial

Feb 18, 2020
PlaceholderAPI Tutorial
  • PlaceholderAPI (or PAPI) is an expansion-based placeholder plugin. It's used in things like Scoreboards, Holograms, Chat plugins and so many more plugins.

    It is very simple to get this plugin working.

    - First, install the plugin exactly how you would any other.
    - The Expansion part of this plugin seems to cause the most confusion. In order for PAPI placeholders to work, - you must first have the correct expansion.
    - To find expansions, you can go to, which has the full list. To install an expansion, simply type /papi ecloud enable, and then /papi ecloud download (expansion-name)
    - Placeholders are useful for giving players information specific to them or their groups, like Prefixes or their Balance. Here are a few basic placeholders you may find useful.
    - If you want to use a placeholder, a good tip would be to download the first part of the placeholder as expansion, such as Player for the player_name and Vault for the vault_eco.

    Example placeholders
    - Player's Name: %player_name%
    - Player's Balance: %vault_eco_balance%
    - Time Played: %statistic_time_played%
    - Skyblock Level: %askyblock_level%
    - Prefix: %vault_rankprefix%
    - Suffix: %vault_ranksuffix%
    - DeluxeTags Tag: %deluxetags_tag%
    - Nickname: %essentials_nickname%
    - Faction: %factions_faction%
    - Votes: %galistener_votes%
    - Pet Name: %mypet_name%

    PlaceholderAPI no longer has it's default placeholders pre-installed. If they do not work for you right off the bat, you must download them using the PAPI command /papi ecloud download expansionname
    %player_name% = /papi ecloud download Player
    %vault_eco_balance% = /papi ecloud download Vault (MUST have both Vault and a vault-compatible economy plugin installed)
    %essentials_nickname% = /papi ecloud download Essentials

    Any more of the available placeholders and associated expansions can be found here:
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