Jan 2, 2019
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    skyblock_islands: Returns island loaded size.
    skyblock_leaderboard_level_<1-10>: Returns an island on the level leaderboard.
    skyblock_leaderboard_votes_<1-10>: Returns an island on the votes leaderboard.
    skyblock_island_level: Returns island level.
    skyblock_island_level_formatted: Returns the island level formatted with a suffix.
    skyblock_island_points: Returns island points.
    skyblock_island_radius: Returns island radius.
    skyblock_island_size: Returns island size.
    skyblock_island_role: Returns player island role.
    skyblock_island_owner: Returns island owner name.
    skyblock_island_biome: Returns island biome type name.
    skyblock_island_time: Returns island time if not synchronized.
    skyblock_island_weather: Returns island weather if not synchronized.
    skyblock_island_bans: Returns island bans size.
    skyblock_island_invites: Returns the number of island invites.
    skyblock_island_members_total: Returns total island members.
    skyblock_island_members: Returns island member size.
    skyblock_island_operators: Return island operator size.
    skyblock_island_coops: Returns the number of coop players at the island.
    skyblock_island_coops_total: Returns island coop size.
    skyblock_island_visitors: Returns island visitor size.
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