Player Analytics Suite

Feb 23, 2017
Player Analytics Suite
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    Player Analytics Suite is a collection of plugins designed to view data about how your players behave on your server.
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    Player Analytics (Plan) is a All-in-one Player data gathering tool that uses a Webserver to display Server & Player data.
    Main difference to PlanLite is, while PlanLite shows data saved by other plugins, Plan saves and gathers it's own data.
    Plan is also compatible with PlanLite, and allows you to view plugin specific information for Economy, Towny & more.


    • Accurate Analysis that shows relevant information about how players are playing on your server.
    • View User panel that shows data about each player
    • Differentiate between Active, Inactive & Banned players
      • Some data grabbed from compatible plugins!
      • MySQL or SQLite save format.
      • Webserver running on the plugin to display information
    Resource Page | Github | API
    PlanLite has been discontinued because of integration of it's features to Plan
    Player Analytics Lite (PlanLite) is the predecessor to Plan. PlanLite goes directly to the source and hooks to multiple plugins and Bukkit's data to view, search and analyze that data.
    PlanLite displays the data on the chatbox quickly after the command is run. Previously multiple commands would have to be run to get the same information.
    Because PlanLite doesn't store any data itself, analysis is very limited - that is why Plan was created.


    • Inspect player's information from multiple plugins with a single command.
    • Basic Analysis that is calculated from the currently available data.
    • Search specific data points of multiple players at the same time.
    • Lightweight - Doesn't save any extra data
    • Displays information in the chatbox


    Plade has been discontinued since 1.0.2 update because of Plan integration (Integrated to Plan in v.2.0.0)

    Player Demographics (Plade) is a experemental plugin that attempts to gather age and gender from the messages players are sending.
    Plade also detects the geolocation of the player upon login.
    The information is saved to yml files and players can opt out of the logging.
    Plade hooks to PlanLite to provide the data a way of being viewed. (Dependency)
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