Playerz 3.0 Documentation

Jan 17, 2021
Playerz 3.0 Documentation
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    This page contains the documentation for v3.0 of Playerz.
    In essence, it is a cleaned and updated version of this.


    : Configs from v2.0 should be compatible, but this has not been tested.
    v2.0: Configs from v1.0 are not compatible; it is suggested that you generate a new config,
    and manually modify it to include your old data.

    Logically, the following ranges should work, but have not been tested:
    >1.12 - v3.0
    1.8-1.11 - v2.0
    <1.7 - v1.0/0.0.2

    Issue Tracker
    Here, although support is minimal.

    Playerz works with both Bungee and Bukkit;
    To install on bungee, put the jar in your proxy's plugins folder.
    To install on spigot, put the jar in your instance's plugins folder.

    Playerz lists consist of three parts; the header, the listing, and the footer.

    Users can be grouped into different segments via permissions and configuration.
    On bungee instances, users will will be listed from across your network.

    The Header
    The header is always two lines; the prefix, and the playercount.
    It is always printed on top of the /list command's output. For example;

    ----------------[ Your Server ]----------------
    There are [31/50] players online

    The Listing
    The listing consists of an arbitrary amount of groups, each usually prefaced with the group name.
    Playerz supports an unlimited amount of such groups, and supports customization via permissions.
    Here is an example with three groups;

    [Staff] User1, User2

    [Donators] User3, User4, User5, User6, User7

    [Player] User8, User9, User10, User11, User12, User13, User14, User15, User16, User17, User18, User19, User20, User21, User22, User23, User24, User25, User26, User27, User28, User29, User30, User31

    The Footer
    The footer is simply a line printed after the listing is complete.
    It serves to box in the list; for example:



    Having established the concept, the configuration primarily exists to implement it.​
    Code (PHP):

      NumberOfGroups: 1
      DisplayPrefix: true
      DisplaySuffix: true
      Prefix: '&6----------------------[&ePlayerz&6]-----------------------'
      PlayerAmount: '&3There are (&6%ONLINEPLAYERS%&3/&6%MAXPLAYERS%&3) players online.'
        Message: '&3Group 1: &b%GROUP1%'
          Enabled: true
            Enabled: true
            String: 'Server: %server%'
            Enabled: true
            String: 'server %server%;help'
      Suffix: '&6-----------------------------------------------------'
    Global Settings
    NumberofGroups The number of groupings you plan on using in The Listing
    DisplayPrefix Whether or not to enable The Header
    DisplaySuffix Whether or not to enable The Footer
    Prefix The first line of The Header
    Player The second line of The Header
    i A section for each group of The Listing. Must match NumberofGroups
    Message How each group is displayed; the placeholder %GROUPI% is available.

    Bungee Exclusive Settings
    JSON.Enabled Whether, you intend on using any of the settings in this section.
    Hover.Enabled Whether a tooltip should appear when hovering over a user's name on the listing.
    Hover.String What that tooltip should say.
    Click.Enabled Whether names that appear on the listing should be clickable.
    Click.String Command(s) that will be run when such a click occurs.

    Global Settings (Continued)
    Suffix The only line of The Footer


    For each group in The Listing, both a placeholder and a permission are available.
    For the group i, players with the node playerz.i will be displayed under the placeholder %GROUPI%

    This plugin has one only one command, /list.
    The list command has no permission check; any player can use it.​
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