Playerz Spigot Official Help Page (2.0 Version)

Aug 19, 2016
Playerz Spigot Official Help Page (2.0 Version)
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    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Playerz Spigot Plugin Documentation page!
    Here you will find all of the necessary information to run the Playerz 2.0+
    version of the plugin successfully and make your /list sexy!


    • If you have ANY suggestions for the wiki page(s) of this plugin or the plugin itself PLEASE feel FREE to PM me or tell me on the resource discussion page.

    Moving from the old version:
    Recently @Struck713 has recoded Playerz to make it more efficient and has added more features too it.
    • If you want to move over from the older version of Playerz and are confused please ask me or @Struck713 for help as the config's are generally the same as the old version but a few things are added. We suggest that you copy the old config into a blank text document (temporally) then follow the installation guide (coming soon).

    Supported Versions:
    Is Playerz not working on the version of Minecraft you are running? The answer may lie here!
    • Playerz supports Spigot and Bukkit versions 1.8.X, 1.9.X through 1.10.X and future releases as more get released. If you are running one of the supported versions then please contact me or @Struck713 with the error/issue.

    Issue Tracker:
    Having a problem/issue with the plugin? Go through this list BEFORE PMing or asking me.
    • Make sure you are running a version of Minecraft that this plugin supports.
    Check to make sure that you are running either of the Minecraft versions that are listed in the above section that this plugin Supports.
    • Check your permissions plugin to see if you put in the correct permissions.
    Double or even triple check that you put your permissions in correctly that match this plugin's permissions. A list of permissions can be found in a section below.
    • Confliction?
    Check your list of plugins to see if there are any other /list plugins that would be overriding this plugin. Note: This plugin is made for/with Bukkit/Spigot so Essentials WILL NOT override Playerz. If it does then please PM me so I can help you.
    • Error in console?
    If there is an error in the console then please copy the error and paste it into a then send it to me via the Plugin Discussion Page.
    • Still Problems?
    If problems still persist then please PM me with the problem immediately so I can assist you.

    Explaining the File:
    Here I will explain the full config.yml in detail. Keep in mind that at some times this may be confusing.

    To view the config.yml documentation page please click Here.
    Enjoy! :)
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