Plotz Importing From PlotMe

Jan 10, 2015
Plotz Importing From PlotMe
  • This is super simple :) (USE PLOTME 13F)
    - Anything inside [] is optional
    - All the actions are performed facing south.

      • Make sure PlotMe and Plotz are installed
      • Execute the import command
        /plotz import [-worlds:world,world2 -verbose -debug]

        You can check the status of an import by doing
        /plotz progress

        You can also cancel an import by executing
        /plotz stopimport
      • Make sure the generator lines up with the plot you can check this by teleporting to an ungenerated check and running the /plotz setup showgen command, if everything lines up like in the picture below you are good. Otherwise continue to step 4.

      • So if your plot world offset is not configured correctly it will look something like this
        So the easiest way to do this is to line up the pathways of the plots, to do this we need to move the plot up two and over to the left two.
        Moving the schematic around is very easy, just type
        "/plot setup setvalue plot-world-offset <amount>"
        This will move the generator diagonally up or down.
        So to move the plot up 2 and over 2 as seen in the picture above you need to type:
        "/plot setup plot-world-offset <current generator offset+2>"

        * Note: You can find your current generator offset by opening the configuration found at "plugins/plotz/config.yml" then go to the worlds section, find your world that you are in, then find the key "plot-world-offset".

        For my example the plot-world-offset was set to -2, to correct this we set it to 0.
        "/plot setup setvalue plot-world-offset 0"

        Then to update the region just move to another chunk, the region will update every time you move to another chunk.
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