Plotz installation

Feb 24, 2016
Plotz installation
  • When installing this plugin it may throw some startup errors, usually the first line of the error will tell you what's wrong.

    Also all the actions are performed facing south.

    1. Open zip and drop plotz and plotzworld into plugins folder....


    Download and drop the latest WorldEdit (5.x builds are not supported) into the plugins folder.

    3. d

    Start your server and the plugins will generate the required files, there will be errors, no worry though.


    Create the WorldEdit schematic (setup step 2).



    Select 2 points on the plot so if you stack it right next to each other they will tile perfectly.


    Make sure to expand the region down (//expand 256 down will expand it all the way down to bedrock).

    * Hint //stack command that shows how plots have to tile.


    Run the command to set the schematic as a schematic for your world /plot setup setschematic <worldname>

    Now add the world to your config under the worlds section

    Now we are ready to generate the world.


    If you are using multiverse type the generate command to make your plot world.
    /mv create <worldname> normal -g PlotZWorld

    If you are not using multiverse then add the following text.


    generator: PlotZWorld


    If you are NOT importing from PlotMe:
    Stop your server and delete the <worldname> folder located where the spigot.jar is found.
    - Then start the server again.


    Type the command /plot tp 0 0 (This will take you to plot (0,0)). If you cannot get to 0,0 for some reason just go to the cords 0,height,0 and face south.

    * Note if you spawn inside some blocks don't worry, just find your way to the surface. If you are using essentials type /top or /etop

    Now stand somewhere on your plot and check what your Y coordinate is (you can do this by hitting F3).

    Remember the Y value for step 11

    Set the configuration value plot-height for your world.

    To get your plot height take the Y value from last step and add 1 to it.

    This can be done in game by typing /plot setup setvalue plot-height <plot height>
    Type /plot setup show and a bunch of gold blocks will pop up and make a square.
    - If you do not see them teleport to plot (0,0) again and walk forward

    * Now you need to make those gold blocks match the area where you want the users to be able to build in the plot. Proceed to step 12.
    * You must be working at plot 0;0 or else this will not work properly


    Move the bottom right corner of the gold square into the bottom right area of the users buildable area using the move command.


    To move a region in a direction simply look the direction you would like to move it and type
    /plot setup move


    Now set the region to fill the entire plot

    You are going to want to set the plot-x-size to the width of the plot and the plot-z-size to the length of the plot


    So for the picture I would type:

    /p setup setvalue plot-x-size 18
    /p setup setvalue plot-z-size 18
    Finally all you have to do is set the path size, this is going to be the blocks in between each plot.

    For the path size the plot borders are not included.

    So for the picture I would type:

    /p setup setvalue path-size 5


    Now move from plot to plot and the gold blocks should fit the buildable area perfectly

    If you move to plot 0;1 (One plot to the left of plot 0;0) and find the
    region is slightly off make sure your path-width is configured correctly (Step 15).
    You're done! If you have made it this far you have proven yourself worthy of such an awesome plugin.
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