Plugin Compatibility

Aug 21, 2020
Plugin Compatibility
  • Plugin Compatibility
    This page's purpose is to annotate which plugins work with Iridescent, and which don't. A plugin is compatible unless stated otherwise below. If you find a plugin which is not compatible with Iridescent, let me know and I will add it to the list.

    Green = fully compatible
    Orange = partially compatible
    Red = not compatible
    ActionHealth: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    ChatBrawl: Partially Compatible
    (Chat formats such as bold and italic don't work with Iridescent's colors)

    ChatControl: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    ChatControlPro: Not Compatible
    (Messages might be sent as broadcasts, ignoring color tags)

    EpicRename: Partially Compatible
    (Renaming items without italic and with 8+ colors breaks items display names)

    EssentialsX: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    InfiniteScoreboard: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    Karma: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    LuckPerms: Partially Compatible
    (Web editor does not support hex colors)

    LuckPermsChat: Not Compatible
    (Colors do not display in chat)

    MessageAnnouncer: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    MMOItems: Partially Compatible

    (Display name & lore editor do not support color tags)

    QuickBoard: Not Compatible
    (Colors parse but don't display)

    SimpleBossBar: Compatible
    (No issues found)

    Simple Rename: Compatible

    (Display names with 8+ colors break unless '&r' is written at their beginning)

    TAB: Partially Compatible
    (TAB's hex color support might clash with Iridescent's)
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