PrisonCore Editing

Jun 25, 2018
PrisonCore Editing
  • PrisonCore Editing Guide

    Editing Guide:
    Once you have fully installed the core you can now start setting it up. To do so there is an extensive list of features that can be enabled and disabled in the config files features.yml.

    After you pick what features you want you can edit the way the plugin looks by editing the lang.yml file, which allows for almost full combustibility of all text in the core.

    Then you are ready to start setting up rankups, to setup rankups you can either do /rankadmin in game or edit the file manually, if you edit it manually make sure that when you add a rank you add it to the list, and that the list is in order from first to last. Then make sure you have the full rankup data below, then you can do the same with the shops. The only difference between shops and ranks when editing the config is the shop contains different data then the ranks. You can also edit shops in game by doing /shopadmin

    In order for the core to work properly you have to make sure that the core uses the correct permissions plugin, by default it supports PermissionsEx but it has the option to support LuckPerms, all you have to do is edit the config.yml and switch permissions from "pex" to "lp"

    Discord Integration:
    You must setup a bot token under discord developers center and add the bot to your server, make sure to give it administration permissions so it can work right. Then setup the MC Chat id, first go into your discord settings, then go to appearance, scroll down until you see developer mode. Enable it, then go to your discord and right click on the chat you want to be MC Chat integrated. After that, make sure you surround the ID in ' marks as if you don't it will read it as a number and not a text, so it will break.

    All configs go under "plugins/Core/Config"
    All player files go under "plugins/Core/Players"

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