PrisonRanks Placeholders

Oct 13, 2018
PrisonRanks Placeholders
  • PrisonRanks Placeholders

    Currently, there are two placeholder plugins supported; PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI. Both plugins can work together but the plugin will favor MVdWPlaceholderAPI over PlaceholderAPI in messages.


    For each Rank:
    <Rank Placeholder>_price - The rank's price
    <Rank Placeholder>_prefix - The rank's prefix
    For each Prestige:

    <Prestige Placeholder>_price - The prestige's price
    <Prestige Placeholder>_prefix - The prestige's prefix

    pr_rank_prefix - The player's rank's prefix
    pr_rank_price - The price of the player's rank
    pr_prestige_prefix - The player's prestige's prefix
    pr_prestige_price - The price of the player's prestige
    pr_nextrank_price - The price of the player's next rank
    pr_nextprestige_price - The price of the player's next prestige

    For all placeholders that are for each rank and prestige (e.g. <Rank Placeholder>_price) the prefix is pr_. An example is pr_A_price. For global place holders, the prefix is already listed, pr_.

    All placeholders are same as listed above.
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