ProRecipes - Recipe Packs

Mar 15, 2016
ProRecipes - Recipe Packs
  • Recipe Packs
    Recipes packs are a new feature for ProRecipes. When you download the latest version of ProRecipes, a folder called "Recipe Packs" will be created. Inside this folder you can put any Recipe packs you like.

    So, what are Recipe packs ? Well, they're little addon files that I will be creating (or that the community can create as well) that will add pre-made recipes to your recipe stock. So, you see a recipe pack you like ? Then just download it, put it in the folder, and you're good to go!

    EDIT: A new update makes them completely modular. Don't like the recipes ? Just remove the recipe pack.
    Current Recipe packs
    How to create a recipe pack
      • Make sure you have no recipes set up
      • Create any recipes you like
      • Copy the recipes.yml file after you stop the server
      • Rename to your pack name
      • If you'd like to share it, message me with a link to a download :)
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